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Modding...What to do..

rich-hill@hotmail.com Apr 13, 2009

  1. Afternnon everyone,

    I bought my s3 2 months ago. I've now servied everything, cambelt etc all changed and i have a healthy car.

    I'm thinking about modding it a little now and i can't work out what to do first.
    • Should i remap the car, and have extra power
    • Chnage suspension set up, so it handels much better along with brakes?
    • Alter the sound system and get a Andymac sub to replace the bose one?
    • Chnage Alloy wheels to some 18's
    Over time obviously i would like to complete them all. But what do i do first? Which do you guys think would be a biggest priority?

    Oh with the remap - I have a revo centre very close to me, i do read alot of good reviews about thier stage one remap, if i do this do i need to buy or have anything else done at the same time?

    Any help and inspiration would be great!!

  2. S3fan

    S3fan Kiteyboy

    This is what I would do if I were you (in this order).

    Haldex Performance Part
    K04 Hybrid

    I wouldnt bother with 18", and I'd stick with standard exhaust and cat.

    You will get lots of other opinions.
  3. fingermouse

    fingermouse thats me

    Id enjoy it fo 6 months then do ,....

  4. I'm interested in other opinions.

    As for enjoying it, i am doing just that at the moment. Just budgeting for things etc/

    K04 Hybrid, is that a new turbo?
    Whats FMIC?

    Do revo not suggest to upgrade intake and exhaust alongside their map?
  5. Dani_B19

    Dani_B19 Audi-sports own special child.

    KO4 Hybrid is where they take your turbo (if useable) and modify it (theres alot of threads covering it in detail) you can get inexcess of 300bhp and 300lb of torque easy (thats just abrief description)
    FMIC = Front Mounted Intercooler
  6. S3 Rav

    S3 Rav Well-Known Member

    id suggest suspension brakes enjoy the normal power for the time being and then 6 months time when your getting bored get the remap.
  7. MartayMcFly

    MartayMcFly Booooooost VCDS Map User Gold Supporter

    Not long had my s3 and so far I'm just getting it to full standard spec (18s, park-assist, chrome mirrors) then I'll be modding it in the following order:

    Revo/custom map
    maybe exhaust/stage 2 remapping
  8. abdus

    abdus Top Gear VCDS Map User

  9. MintyS3

    MintyS3 Works 60% the time, Everytime.

    I would say a remap would be the best mod. I mean its not like we race round everywhere but more power is very handy in normal driving.

    After that brakes would be the best upgrade to do. The standard setup isnt anywhere good enough for proper fast road use.
  10. I;m thinking a remap may well be the cheapest option to begin with.

    I looked into suspension quickly, and that did seem pretty expensive.

    Do i need anything else when i buy REVO?
  11. abdus

    abdus Top Gear VCDS Map User

    lol...the brakes are not good enough for a standard car...now if he gets a remap first before upgrading the brakes, that wouldn't be a good idea imo...
  12. abdus

    abdus Top Gear VCDS Map User

    he will another remap after the fmic and k04 hybrid upgrade though

  13. What would you suggest as a good brake set up...with out going over baord on cost?
  14. vetch

    vetch S3

    No mate, you can get it remapped without changing any other components.

    However, if you plan to stick a FMIC on it, upgrade the turbo etc then you will need to get it remapped again. Either of those could cost £800-£1000 each though prior to remapping. And if you're spending that on the engine, you'd probably want to spend around £1k sorting the suspension to help handle that extra grunt and a fair few £hundred doing the brakes. Then theres 18" wheels and decent tyres. Plus various ancillaries to go along with the engine and suspension work. Add the usual maintenance costs, increased fuel and insurance costs and by then you've spent more than the car is worth and you will get a very small fraction of that back when you sell it.

    My advice (and this is just my opinion, so feel free to take it or leave it), is to maintain it to the best possible standard your budget will allow, remap it, save up for some decent suspension ie quality dampers and springs, maybe with uprated ARBs, decent brake pads (ferodo ds2500) and if possible discs too.

    Then leave it at that and enjoy it unless you're minted or doing track work (but there are cheaper and faster track weapons out there) or both.
  15. Vetch i think you have put it in a nutshell for me. I don't really want to spend £1000's and 1000's.

    Just wanted some opinions on what modding to do and in what order.
    I would say priority are going faster (re-map) then stopping faster (brakes)

    Would new pads and discs be a simular cost to a remap. both around the 350-400 mark?
  16. voorhees

    voorhees Moderator Staff Member Moderator Team V8 Audi S5 s tronic

    JBS are doing very competitive prices,be mad not to have their remap.
  17. vetch

    vetch S3

    Remap, brakes and suspension is all you need then.

    DS2500 pads cost about £100 I think, thats just for fronts though. You could probably keep OEM pads on the rear, or slightly uprated ones (and therefore easier on the pocket). Maybe uprated discs, drilled and/or grooved perhaps. If its just enthusiastic road use the car is going to be used for then maybe just try braided lines and decent pads.

    The Weitec damper and springs GT suspension kit can be had for about £370, and that will improve the feel and the look of the car.
  18. I only favour revo as it's a 5min drive to get to one of their garages..

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