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lowered on 18'' rs6 2006 s-line

V16 May 18, 2010

  1. V16

    V16 Member

    so i finally want my car lowered as the gap between the arch and the tyre is really starting to annoy me.

    I have a 56 3dr s-line with 18"rs6 alloys. I know sport and s-line models are a lot lower then standard, so if it's lowered by 30mm it still wouldn't be as low as i'd like it to be.

    does anyone know which springs are the best for tyres 225/40/18 on s-line suspension. I don't want to see the gap anymore, the arch should be sitting just on top of the tyre or can 'slightly' hide the top of the tyre.
    also any pics of people's lowered on rs6' would be great.
    looking at fitting spacers as well, 10mm front and 12mm back, don't think they'll rub?

    still have exams for another 2 weeks so haven't been able to do much research myself.
    any help would be great!
    wanted to go for 19's but lack of funds being a student! :sly:
  2. smudge_don

    smudge_don Active Member

    Will need to go down more than 30mm to completely close the gap buddy

    I'm down 65mm on Weitec's with 35 profile tyres, and it covers the tyre nicely

    So i'm guessing you will need about 40-45mm down

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