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Looking to get A3 advice please

sting3r Sep 17, 2011

  1. sting3r

    sting3r New Member

    Im 99% sure i want an a3 as my next car. My budget is in the region of 10k, could stretch to 11k. It has to be an S line really as the others just don't look anywhere near as good! It seems buying a sport model and putting all the bits on it would work out more expensive than just getting the S line in the first place.
    Engines i would choose between 1.8T or 2.0TDI or possibly 2.0T although the running costs on that are gonna be a bit high, but the cars seem to be cheaper, im guessing because of the worse fuel economy.
    Nothing older than 07, prefer 08, as i have seen 08 s lines with reasonable mileage for around 10k on autotrader. Most of the good deals seem to be private, although CarGiant have some great prices but all i hear about them is horror stories. The prices of approved audis seem to be roughly 3k higher than anywhere else so forget that.
    Assuming full service history, is it still worth getting an AA check done on whatever car i decide on? With FSH and AA check im guessing you can be pretty sure of a safe purchase.
  2. jakeward46

    jakeward46 Member

    I was i the same boat as you buddy, I looked around for a few weeks trying to find the right car as if you wait around you can pick one up with all the extras you want.

    My car is a 56plate A3 2.0T Sline Quattro, 30k miles, full audi history and all the extras i wanted inc Full nappa heated leather, bose surround and a few other bits. I bought mine private as you can do a bit of haggling and i bought mine for 10,500 with 4 new tyres on!
    However for that you can get a 2007 1.8T from audi for around 11k (nonsline) which is alot, i looked at a 1.8T sline 2007 from but the engines 1.8T and 2.0T dont really compare so i opted for a 2.0 :)

    Before i bought mine i did a glass valuation which you can put all the extras in and it tells you what its worth and mine was 11,500 (low miles) so i got a good deal. yes always do a hpi full check and all that sort of stuff as its a pricey car. Ive just taxed mine for 6 months and it was 143 which was a step up from my fiesta st!....But its worth it, petrol isnt too bad actually but it does take £70 to fill the tank and i get 34mpg average.

    If i were you i'd have a go in all three engined cars to see which one you like, but sline is always the best choice for me, quattro... ive just always wanted a 4WD car :)

    Hope this helps a bit.

  3. Shane.

    Shane. Member

    Buy mine, job done ;)
  4. Ratzer

    Ratzer New Member

    about 6 weeks ago I bought a 2008 2.0TDI 170 SLINE in black, full leather from Car Giant. For 11,500 - couldnt be happier, car is great and service was very good from Car Giant. I guess when they sell that many cars a week, there are gonna be some horror stories - if you go down there at the weekend, there are queues of people waiting to pick cars up, so I guess they most be doing something right! (P.S I dont work for car giant LOL)
  5. Vertigo1

    Vertigo1 Well-Known Member

    I heard a while back that the A3 was actually very popular as a company car. This actually surprised me (despite being on my third) as I'd have thought more people would opt for the A4.

    Is it worth checking out the auctions to see what turns up as I believe pretty much all company cars end up being sold this way.

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