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Kingfisher blue???

imported_paulbarfoot Jul 10, 2004

  1. <font color="blue"> </font> Hi people, I have recently ordered a new A4 Cab to replace my older standard A4, the thing is I ordered the car in Kingfisher blue as I have seen the older shape Cab in this colour in the past and thought they looked great. What I wondered was if any one has a picture of a new A4 cab in Kingfisher blue or if any of you have seen a one done in this colour yet? I'm sure there out there and I would love to know how its going to look, I have also upgraded to the 18" 9 Spoke wheels so hope its going to look good driving it around in Spain. I have to wait a further 2 months+ for delivery and would love to see one in the flesh so to speak /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif Thank you, Paul.
  2. fallmonk

    fallmonk Turbo Sport

    Havent got a pict but very good choice in colour!
  3. Thanks fallmonk, i feel i bit nervous spending all that money on a car and not being able to see one in the same colour to see how they look, but i can't wait to see it in September
  4. MingBluS3

    MingBluS3 Member

    what sort of work you doing in the Costa. I gotta get back to spain.
  5. working in IT and communications, find it nicer here than in the Uk definitely
  6. neiloneilo

    neiloneilo Member

    I had that color too on an A3 TS, my friends didn't like it but I thought it looked great.
  7. Searched till i'm blue in the face! loads of other colours, and the older model in kingfisher blue but not the new model...
  8. Good idea, i'll see what they can do for me, thanks alot
  9. Found one! and now im looking forward to taking delivery of it even more!
  10. fallmonk

    fallmonk Turbo Sport

    Looks fantastic in kingfisher blue the old one looked great but the new one is just fantastic! just out currosity where did you finaly get the pict from????
  11. I have ordered an A4 convertible too. I ordered "Caribic blue" I guess I have the same thoughts your having. I live in Florida and the color choices don't include a Kingfisher blue. It sure looks like kingfisher and caribic are the same color.
  12. second picture
  13. Third picture
  14. gizze

    gizze Member

    Carabic is the same as european Carribian Blue, Kingfisher is alot lighter and brighter.

    I think the Carribain blue is very similar to Mauritius Blue on the avant and saloons that replaced dennim last year.

    Kingfisher is an elctric Blue colour.

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