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JOM Coilover Fitted Now Getting A Kncoking Noise

Audi-Power Sep 19, 2012

  1. Audi-Power

    Audi-Power Member


    i have had some coilovers fitted to my 2003 8L.
    since fitted im getting a knock when i turn left off my drive it doesn't do this on ever corner but most times.

    its has had a standard audi anti roll bar fitted not to long back.
    its not that low there is about 1.5 inch between the lip on the arch and the tyre.

    without paying out quite a bit of money for the 25mm roll bar etc..... would there be any uprated drop links i could use to put extra clearance between the drive shaft and bar ?

    there is about 2 - 3 inch there at the moment but i have been given advice saying that this will be the problem.


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