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If any of you guys are selling an A4 avant please let me know!!

sat1983 Apr 17, 2014

  1. sat1983

    sat1983 Member

    Needs to be cared for- 130 Sport TDI ideally!
  2. iantype-r

    iantype-r Member

    I'm thinking of selling mine mate.
    2003 130bhp 1.9tdi, 115k on the clock, 6 speed manual, cruise control, x4 elec windows, tinted windows, genuine votex bumper, genuine carbon wrapped S4 door blades. Fully serviced every 10k, £1000's in receipts. It had a new gear box & clutch by previous owner just before I bought it around 70k. He'd spend loads on it with all receipts to prove. It's black fabric interior, everything works,AC, windows etc. I've just put a new wiper mech in as it seized up. And a new window screen as my dad broke it when we did the wiper repair first time around.

    It has a detachable towbar fitted, we have pulled the caravan with it, once last year to Norfolk and this week to derby.

    It does have a few scrapes, mainly back bumper. I'd personally say apart from the odd scrape the paintwork is in very good nick for the age/milage.

    Not much else to say about it really, it's a truly nice car, don't really want to sell so been umming and arrring about it for the last few months. Could do with something bigger as kids are getting older.

    Will be looking at £3750 sort of figure which seems a fair price. I'm based in Lincoln and can get some more pics when we get home

  3. sat1983

    sat1983 Member

    Looks great! Sadly a bit too rich for me, my budget is around the £3,000 mark.

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