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Getting my new TT soon....what does it come with?

DenisCooper Mar 23, 2013

  1. DenisCooper

    DenisCooper New Member


    Waiting to get my new TT, 2.0 TFSI Quattro STronic - it due for delivery first week in June.

    I managed to contact the dealer last week and did a quick spec change, so now im getting the following extras

    Comfort Pack
    Interior Light Pack
    Folding Mirrors
    Bose Sound System
    and the Tech Pack

    I have a few questions though and wonder if anyone can help shed some light...

    The comfort pack - in the brochure says it comes with auto headlights and wipers, yet online it doesn't mention these - i hope it does come with them...

    The folding mirrors - are they manually operated (ie by me pressing a button) or do they autofold when i lock the car?

    With the techpack, this is meant to come with satnav, bluetooth and AMI i believe. but what is the AMI? It also mentions something about MMI? I know it mentions something about being able to connect ipod or other mp3 player, but i've seen some places say i can use MP3 and watch DVD on it.

    Can anyone help clarify exactly what im going to get :) also is the interface good for controlling an ipod?

    Thanks in advance...

    looking forward to getting it now :) - first time audi driver.
  2. whispering john

    whispering john Member

    Yes to wipers and headlights they are in the pack.
    mirrors have to be folded in by driver every time.
    techpack not not very good on sorry:scared2:.
    Ipod good for controlling.
    You have a good list of extras:yes:
  3. DenisCooper

    DenisCooper New Member

    thanks for update...
  4. TTSpin

    TTSpin New Member

    Hope you enjoy it when it arrives in June!
  5. glospete

    glospete Well-Known Member Team Ibis Team Glacier TFSI Owners Group Audi A3 S-line owners group Audi TT

    I have just taken delivery of new TT with Technology Pack. AMI is Audi Music Interface which (with the correct cables from your dealer) will play music from the 2 SD card slots (up to 32GB cards) or from USB stick. You can also connect your iPod or iPhone and play music from there - and it'll charge it at same time. Music playing is also displayed on DIS (driver information system screen between rev counter and speedo. It's a very good system and is controllable from the Multi Function Steering Wheel - playlists, tracks etc are all visible.

    WAFTER Member

    [QUOTE=mirrors have to be folded in by driver every time.

    Please tell me that foldable and heated mirrors are standard and that electrical folding ones are what you pay extra for.

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