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first post

craigs4 Jul 24, 2006

  1. craigs4

    craigs4 New Member

    hi all im obviously new here , ive been driving a volvo 850 t5 with 350 bhp for quite a while but fancied an s4 instead so yesterday i went and baught one from leeds (i live in stratford upon avon) so quite a trek. well the s4 i got is a 98 and i love it. i have got a few questions though so id appreciate any feed back very much. 1. on a standard car at what rpm can i expect the turbos to really kick in ? they seem to hit in hard at 4200 rpm is this normal. as the volvo used to surge in at 2300 rpm but it was chipped......
    2... are the turbos an engine out job if they blow?
    3... ive noticed that occasionally the fuel gauge needle drops right down for a few seconds which puts the fuel symbol on and beeps then jumps back up to the correct position again and the symbol goes off again , this usually happens when i go over a bump or if im braking. ..any ideas?

    thanks all
  2. neversaydie

    neversaydie Post Whore

    Yeah get a BMW
  3. silver75

    silver75 Big Ron

    Hello.. Try the B5 A4/S4 forum you may get more luck there
  4. FactionOne

    FactionOne Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    ...And *possibly* less sarcasm from Diesel-Powered BMW owners (two wrongs don't make a right you know ;p)...

    Just to try and offer some constructive retort...

    Firstly, welcome to the boards, and congratulations on your purchase! I hope you enjoy both equally!

    1) I can't really comment for certain on this one as I've not had much experience of B5 S4s - I'd say that's perhaps normal, maybe a little on the late side though - but having said that, if they started giving a push at 3600rpm for example, it might take until you're reading 4200rpm for you to feel all of it. I suppose you're better having advice on this one from someone else who has a B5 S4; I'm sure you wont have to wait long before someone can confirm/deny. Working on educated guesswork and technical assumptions I'd be inclined to say it's more likely that everything's fine rather than everything's not... Perchance a little leak somewhere which is making it feel like it's taking its time? ...Like I say, grey area for me, the best advice will come from another owner...

    2) As far as I can see, yes engine out. Looking at Audi's own workshop data for the car, the destructions for removing and installing the Turbos start "-Remove Engine <page ref>" - Again, someone else from the board might be able to point out a sneaky-trick that avoids it, but I can't imagine there's enough room in the engine-bay for meaningful work to take place.

    3) I'd be willing to guess this is just a faulty fuel-level sender, they are quite a common VAG failure, my A3 has had at least one replacement. A search of the A4/S4 forum might throw up some more useful information confirming/denying the theory, but I'd say it's a good bet. A VAG-COM scan will normally record faults logged if a sender is properly broken, and reading the symptoms I'd expect to see one logged as "Fuel Level Sender Implausible Signal/Signal too Low" or something along those lines if indeed it is that at fault.

    Keep us posted...

    Best regards,

  5. fallmonk

    fallmonk Turbo Sport

    NEVER ,Dont cross to the dark side luke.........................the force is strong in the Audi family! :keule:

  6. Rev-head

    Rev-head Active Member


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