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ET52 9J x 19" - What Tyre Size is Best ? ?

jon-tfsi Dec 12, 2009

  1. jon-tfsi

    jon-tfsi New Member

    Managed to find some OEM alloys that were too good to miss out on.

    They are not ideal as they are 9" wide and the car needs to be driveable as a daily.

    6 - 8mm spacers will have to be fitted to the front to clear the struts, maybe the same at the back to even things out.

    There are some 235/35/19 available for a good price, and I believe they will be safe to fit to a 9J wheel but I'm concerned they will rub. 225's will give better clearance but will they go on a 9" wheel?

    Are 225's safe to fit to 9" wheels and will they grip the road as well when stretched?

    Am prepared to remove the odd screw and a little plastic to eliminate rubbing and will be using Eibach Sportline Springs.

    The tyres that are on the wheels are 265's but they were 255's when the wheels left the showroom on the car.
    My main question is how narrow can you go on 9" wheels and will the tyres perform as well and be safe?

    Cheers :thumbsup:
  2. A3simon

    A3simon Active Member

    i ran 215/35/19s on my 9" wheels with no probs but you will need 10mm spacers to clear the struts front and back
  3. jon-tfsi

    jon-tfsi New Member

    I didnt realise you could go down to a 215 on a 9" wheel. I imagine there would be no clearance problems with this tyre size. Did it handle ok? I once had 215's on a 8.5J and it didnt handle well with toyo T1R's. Didnt try them with standard width wheels though so there is no direct comparison
  4. Lee_R

    Lee_R Active Member

    Yeah they go on but they stretch a bit, not healthy for a daily driver IMO
  5. jon-tfsi

    jon-tfsi New Member

    Love the look of the stretch but its not my intention. Am trying to find the most practical solution here. Fattest tyre without rubbing basically.
    Thanks for replies guys, I can try the 235's for the cost of fitting them for now so will go down that road and if there are problems am just going to have to go narrower.
    Thanks again, will post pics when the wheels are on :happy:
  6. N8

    N8 Kowalski Details VCDS Map User

    10mm spacer and a 225. I had 215s on a 9, and mine was a daily driver, ride wasn't that bad, but you can't really press it around corners. So 225s if you want to retain abit of handling.

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