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Creaking car

deburgh999 Apr 2, 2013

  1. deburgh999

    deburgh999 Member

    I had my a4 sline lowered last week, the garage had to replace all 4 upper control arms as mine were damaged when removing them, since then the passenger side I have had a creaking on low speed and when breaking plus when turning steering, actually quite loud. Garage told me it was probably lower arms so I changed them at weekend and noise still there. Garage have agreed to remove the arms they fitted and fit genuine oem arms but if noise still there I have to pay for it all, question to you all is has anyone come across this before and could it be something completely different.? There was no noise before they changed arms first time round and they did fit the cheaper option from local auto factors.

  2. abyrne153

    abyrne153 Member

    This is a common problem and is definitely a control arm joint. Finding the offending one can be difficult. I changed an upper arm recently and took off the rubber boot to examine the joint. There was little or no grease in the joint hence the creaking. I have heard it said that you can slip the narrow tube of a spray grease can past the rubber and spray grease into the joint which may help? Never tried this though.
  3. deburgh999

    deburgh999 Member

    Yeah I have found a lot on Internet about new arms being badly greeced up, I'll let the garage fit new oem arms and go from there, just hope it is otherwise I think this could turn expensive.
  4. simon.m

    simon.m Active Member

    i had a creaking sound on mine at low speeds for over a year could not pin point it at all was told it was one of my control arms but when i had the car mot i was told i had the smallest bit of play in my stearing rack easy fix just got a new inner tie track rod like the one in the link problem solved and i was told by a few ppl it was every thing but this yet my creak stoped the day i canged it
    Audi A4 Delphi Left or Right Inner Tie Track Rod Axle Joint Genuine Steering | eBay
  5. spartacus 68

    spartacus 68 Active Member quattro Audi A2 Audi Avant Owner Group

    Audi suspension... creaks and groans can drive you to distraction. OEM replacement parts is a step in the right direction. You could also start with some relatively fixes, such as replacing ARB rubber bushes and ARB links. Simply replacing upper arms just transfers load to worn components elsewhere, so it could very well be a worn ballpoint in the lower arms as suggested.
  6. deburgh999

    deburgh999 Member

    Problem sorted now, company removed arms and replaced with audi ones and creaking has gone completely also they found my sub frame, audi had replaced the bush in 2012 but put the washer on wrong so this could have caused some noise as it was rubbing between bushe and chassis of car. Lesson learnt never allow companies to fit non oem parts to car.

    I'm interested in doing my arb bushes but as a upgrade, what is recommended to fit?

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