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Buying A3 TDI 170 Help!

Neddy Aug 29, 2009

  1. Neddy

    Neddy New Member

    Hey guys,
    Im new to this and would appreciate any info on buying an A3 tdi 170 2006/2007.Ive heard lots of mixed reviews about them. Has any one had gearbox or turbo problems or any other problems to look for? Is the quattro good in a diesel? I do short drives around London.Will cause the DPF to play up? Any info would be much appreciated.

  2. steve184

    steve184 Active Member

    mixed views on them - personally i have had no probs with the dpf mine has worked flawlessly (my tailpipes still look brand new after 2.5 years - swear there is only fresh air coming out of this thing) but mine is an s-tronic - and i suspect the s-tronic suits the dpf better as the dpf seems to communicate to the gearbox and change gear shift points accordingly to keep the dpf from clogging (never seen light once and i have done 10k in mine all round town work hardly any motorway) thats sais i think because of this i dont get great mpg for a diesel - i generally only average 32mpg and that isnt hammering it everywhere either - on a good run it does still do 50s though
  3. maars

    maars Full speed ahead

    I've got a Jan 2007 170 quattro 6sp manual and can thoroughly recommend it. Driving is a mix of short town hops & long distance motorway hacks. No issues with DPF or gearbox so far (fingers crossed!) and the quattro is well worth the investment IMHO as it gives the car amazing grip in all weathers - it goes round corners like it's on rails.
  4. davemk

    davemk Active Member

    I'm not saying ignore everything you read but I was also really concerned with the possibility of DPF issues after researching the model. I've had my car for almost 12 months and covered circa 8,000 miles without any DPF issues. I use it for a mix of short and long journeys.

    Really happy with mine.
  5. Jo Sharp

    Jo Sharp Member

    Quattro is a must - getting that amount of torque down through just the front wheels is not a good plan.
  6. Lee_R

    Lee_R Active Member

    Rubbish, only get quattro if you fancy spending the extra cash for no real reason other than the one day of the year it snows.;)
  7. maars

    maars Full speed ahead

    :banghead: Stuff n nonsense Lee. I defy you to drive a 170 TDI 2wd vs 4wd on the twisty bits, especially when it's wet, and still come away thinking the 2wd is better!
  8. Munnzzz

    Munnzzz Top Gear

    Ive never had a problem driving on the twisty bits in mine and rains all the time in England, all the quattro does is give you extra assurance which isnt needed in a car with this power & torque. The trade off to have a quattro means no s-tronic gear box which i absolutely love so unless your thinking about remaps and all the rest of it i dont think a quattro is benficial. Why don't Audi offer a 170 quattro s-tronic?
  9. Johnny Bravo

    Johnny Bravo 6+1 Gears Audi A3

    I don't think quattro is a must unless you're planning to drive fast on bends. Mine is 2wd with DSG and until now I had no problem at all with grip, not even in the winter on mountain twisted roads. I wouldn't trade DSG for quattro.
    @Munnzzz: Starting this year Audi is offering DSG+quattro on 2.0 TDI. Until now I saw it is available only on the 3dr type and the engine is a CR 170HP version.
  10. pedalpower7

    pedalpower7 Member

    lol, you are joking right ?? lol, you don't need a Quattro at all !, not sure why you would even consider paying the money for it in this country, i can see the benefit if we have bad winters for snow etc, but as for the need because fo the torque !, that's funny ! lol:jester:

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