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Bowden Cable Drivers side door latch Audi A3

Brooksy Dec 29, 2013

  1. Brooksy

    Brooksy Member

    My driver's side door latch went yesterday, found it after taking off the door card that it was the Bowden Cable, it had snapped right near the locking mechanism.

    Part No. 8L3837085

    Ive searched Google, other VW/ Audi forums but no joy on the replacement of the cable. Can't find any guides,

    same with these two posts here:

    Post 1

    Post 2

    Has anyone got any advice or guides on getting the hook/ connector out of the locking mechanism? I had a quick play, tried pulling it out / twisting etc. Do I need to undo the locking mechanism screws from the frame etc?

  2. epox

    epox Active Member

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