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Bailey DV30 on a S3 does it require a fitting kit

viper6 Aug 12, 2009

  1. viper6

    viper6 New Member

    Hi all

    just bought a bailey dv30
    and read somewhere the inlet and outlet ports are larger than standard

    do you have to buy a fitting kit to fit to a audi s3 or will it fit with no probs

    also do you need to service these dV as i bought mine 2nd hand


  2. zeeeebo

    zeeeebo Lifes one big laugh

    i just put one of these on my a3 i presume its the same, you dont really need a fitting kit only a blanking plug. if you putt out the orignal and put a blank in the hole off the air intake system. put the dumpvalve off the other pipe (off the boost pipe) and then put the small vac lead on top.

    with regards to servicing, just make sure the spring can move freely with no rubs, if it rubs put a bit of grease on it, you can do this by unscrewing all the allen keys on the top of the valve.
  3. S3Steve

    S3Steve Active Member

    Ive had one on mine for years mate, its a straight swap for the original, no fitting kit required.
  4. zeeeebo

    zeeeebo Lifes one big laugh

    oh yer sorry just looked yours up! it is a straight swap! i thought it was the one that i have that makes the noise but its not!

    as steve said its just a unplug your old one and put in the new!

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