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Automatic door locks???

iamgod313 May 29, 2011

  1. iamgod313

    iamgod313 New Member

    I have a 2000 180hp TT and was wondering if it is possible to set the door locks to activate automatically after I've started or begin to drive the car? I've had this feature on many cars before and since I purchased the car without an owners manual...I am clueless if this feature even exist. It is a headache remembering to lock the doors every time I get in the car.
  2. dzTT

    dzTT Active Member

    Get someone with VAGCOM to set it up for you, im sure its the 5mph then doors lock
  3. landwomble

    landwomble New Member

    Yeah, you can set anti-hijack lock at 5mph, unlock on key out. You can also set unlock drivers door on first click, both on second, and you can set window roll up/roll down on hold down the button. Oh, and alarm chirp on lock on/off.
    Used to be a bit of a PITA to calculate the numbers to put in vag-com but some nice gentleman wrote a windows app that works it out for you.
    See Waks Wide Web.

    Dead easy, only takes a minute or so.

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