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Another remap question!

imported_dumpvalve Nov 24, 2004

  1. Sorry if I'm giving the impression that I know sweet FA about the options open to me for remapping, but after researching the various claims by the different companies there seems to be quite a difference in what they reckon their software can achieve. Granted, most say 190-200BHP for the throttle cable 1.8T, but it's the torque figures quoted that really seem to mystify me. For example, AMD (true remap?) say that their remap would give an extra 40BHP and an extra 40lb/ft of torque. Now compare that to the likes of APR (generic chip?) who claim 200BHP and 240lb/ft of torque. That's 45lb/ft of difference! Looking at other tuners; MTM, Jabba etc, they all seem to quote figures of 220-240lb/ft, which makes me wonder if it's a case of AMD being the only honest guys out there, and the rest are giving exaggurated figures. Or is it simply that AMD's software produces this much less torque than the others, but is much smoother, and more controlled?

    I know figures don't mean much, but the fact that there can be such different claims has forced me into researching this before I go ahead with any remap.

    Hope you can help!

  2. Ok, I've had no replies as yet - forum's been dead though for some reason. The cash is waiting, and I'm ready to book in for a remap. I'm gagging to get it done, and I wish I had the chance to try out all the different companies' remaps/chips but as that's not a realistic possibility I just need your opinions. Forgive me for asking the 'most asked question' but I think I could do with a bit of persuasion towards who to go for.

    Ideally, somebody with an AEB engine can let me know who they used, and what figures the chip produced, how it drives etc. I have searched the topic extensively and I can't really find anything specific to non drive-by-wire remaps; I know that the DBW cars get better figures so it would be pointless making the comparison.

    All opinions appreciated!

  3. Markey

    Markey Active Member

    IMO i would go with AMD they seem to know what they talk about and wont remap the car so much that after 2yrs thing start going wrong. I think they are more considerate with their figures, but it is always down to the car at the end of the day.
    They did my turbo conversion and i am more than happy with the result.
  4. Cheers Markey. AMD has been top of my list for a couple of weeks, and I'm most likely going to choose them. As you rightly say, there's no point asking too much of a car - I don't want to be overdoing the boost or anything. I had a conversation with Scott from AMD when I was considering the K04 upgrade, and he gave me the impression that their work was pretty professional. At the end of the day, if I end up with a quick, reliable car that sounds nice on full chat then I'm happy.

    But I still can't get those big torque figures out of my head! Am I being a bit girly over the whole thing do you think??!!

  5. Well, it's booked in at AMD on 11th December for what they call 'Stage 2'. Can't bloody wait! Obviously I'll let you know how it goes.

    Thanks again,

  6. Markey

    Markey Active Member

    Yes mate let us know.

    Stage 2 so your getting the Milltek cat back exhaust as well then. Nice.
  7. Don't think you've made a bad decision mate. I was choosing between AMD and Jabba myself - and I'm in exactly the same position as regards to the early ECU (AEB engine). Both companies apparently offer a remap rather than generic chip - which for any car is better, as each car's tolerances can be taken into consideration. Stick to your guns with Jabba mate - I'm sure it will be fine. It was 50/50 between them and AMD with me to be honest.

    If you're concerned though, maybe you could put it on hold and wait until I get mine back from AMD. If I get good results, I would obviously recommend them to you.

    Take it you went to JBS in Chesterfield looking at your location? I turned up hoping for a rolling-road session and 5 hour Revo trial, and the bloke told me that their dyno and the Revo software won't communicate with either - our older ECU either reads 'requested boost' and not 'actual boost' or the other way round. Can't remember which, but the AEB ECU reads just one, not both, like the later cars. Revo tuning is done through the port between the front seats, as is APR, but our ECUs have to actually be rechipped in order to remap, and Jabba and AMD are apparently the best at the job.

    Jabba have really advanced since they started tuning the 1.8T with the old G60 ECU - they are one of the best tuners around. On the same hand AMD have a reputation that cannot be ignored. At the end of the day it's up to you, but if you want to hang on for a fortnight, I'm happy to get back to you with the results of the AMD remap.

  8. hop2407

    hop2407 Active Member

    Thanks for this Drew - appreciated. You have put my mind at ease with your comments.

    Yes matey it was JBS in Chesterfield (where I live) and I also cant remember the exact reason (as you stated above), but they did connect to the port between the front seats, pressed a few buttons on his laptop, then said "sorry mate - can't do it". I was gutted because like you, I was looking forward to the free 5 hour trial for starters....

    I am booked in with Jabba on the 04th Jan (hope it's not snowing !!). So I would appreciate your comments on what AMD are like. Mind you, I have left £50 deposit now - I guess they have cottoned on to the fact that people are going elsewhere and they need to secure the business somehow !!

    Where abouts are AMD based ? and are they cheaper - I have had a quick look on the net and most charge around the 500 mark.
    So what do you get with Stage 2 ?
    Any thoughts on the Bailey DV30 ?

    Finally, I will post this seperately for all others to see, however check this out (apologies if you've already seen it) - This is one dogs ****** of an audi !!!

  9. I'll definately post the results - should be either the night of Sat 11th or the Sunday morning.

    (I might be in the car all Saturday evening!!!)


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