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All six ignition coils replaced

bikefright Jan 9, 2004

  1. bikefright

    bikefright Member

    Had what I thought felt like catastrophic engine/gearbox failure a couple of weeks ago - drove 100 miles that day no probs, stopped the car a couple of times,got to within 500yds of my back door and all hell breaks loose on the dash...well, the engine management warning light starts flashing like a mad thing and the whole car is shaking when I put my foot on the accel pedal! limped home, called audi 0800 no. and (bearing in mind it's now 1810hrs) next morning at 0710hrs, technician comes round and plugs his laptop in under the dash and (in no more than 30 seconds flat) tells me that one of the ignition coils is shot. He replaced all six "as a precaution" and I duly took it for a test run around my home town. BOY, IT'S A DIFFERENT CAR!!!!

    That problem must have been hanging around since I bought the car.

    I'm guessing that the "as a precaution" bit is because of the recall that's widely mentioned - I've heard of a similar trouble on Saab's.

    Anyone care to confirm/debunk my theory on the progressive failure rather than instant all or nothing failure?

    p.s. best thing to come out of this is that the technician is a top bloke and I can see his house from my back gate :)

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