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After Some Advice on buying 3.2 A3 DSG Box

davemark Aug 31, 2009

  1. davemark

    davemark Member

    Hey all, quite new here .. in the process of selling my Astra 2.2 and im looking at getting a Audi A3 3.2 with the DSG box.

    Sort of money im looking at is 7k and i relize this is low end of what they go for but i have been keeping my eye on autotrader and 2004 plates with the split grill go for around 6500 - 7500 so this is the sort of range im looking at.

    i have red alot of good reviews about the dsg but of course i have red alot of faults as well.

    i was wondering if anyone had any tips on what to do when viewing a dsg car , i herd that slow pull ofs and hill starts are good tests for the dsg

    also if im getting a car with no warrenty is it worth me getting an aftermarket warrenty to cover any issues with the box later on.

    any help or advice when i go look at a few would be greatfull .. i love the sound of the DSG but worried i will buy one thats buggered lol and end up stuffed.

    Suggestions welcome :)


  2. paddy

    paddy Audi=No fault code, no idea Team Ibis Audi S3 Black Edition DSG

    The test drive will tell you most of what you need to know. The gear change should be silky smooth. drive at a steady 50mph in 6th, knock it down to third with the paddles and up to 6th again a few times while maintaining 50 mph. you should feel a slight surge as you go down the box as the revs catch up but dead smooth as you go up 4-5-6.
    See if it had its gearbox oil changed at 40k service.
    You shouldn't really have any worries with this box over any other box IMHO.
    I am biased of course but the 3.2 DSG is the ultimate A3 in my opinion but its only going to do 24-26mpg in everyday use. an older one pre 06, will keep you in the lower tax band. If you can find one with cruise then its well worth it. The S-line sits lower on the road and looks better. Once you have had a DSG you wont go back...:yes:
    Last edited: Aug 31, 2009
  3. davemark

    davemark Member

    Cheers for the advice mate look forward to test driving some
  4. magnus911

    magnus911 R8GGA

    I had one before I bought my S3 and my advice to you is simple.

    Do it. It's a great car; I shouldn't have sold mine.
  5. Lee_R

    Lee_R Active Member

    7k!!? The V6 is much better value due to running costs but doesnt look exclusive enough to be R32 money, shame really that TDi's fetch more on the used market!

    DSG FTW!
  6. johal87

    johal87 Member

    Hi mate,

    i've had a car which surround from the DSG fault, and thankfully i got a cheap gearbox and paid no labour to have it changed, other wise your looking at stupid bills for the metronics system, i cant remember the exact name, but its along them lines.

    if that cars got the fault, you can clear it as much as you want, it will keep coming back, take the car on a good long run, and give the car some real stress, use the paddles and the triptronic functions, thats where mine used to mess up (jam into third gear for saftey, and the gears on the screen would just flash), stop and start as much as you can, tell the guy your buying it off that your going to do this, if hes not happy let him do it... and by a long run, i dont mean on the motorway, i mean around town, stop start traffic.

    get some one with vag-com, the fault will still show on there, even if the faults not there when you drive it, it will come up on there.. even if it costs you £100 as a call out, its better than £2500..
  7. johal87

    johal87 Member

    oh, and theres loads of fraud going on with the cars history mileage, audis are the most affected, before you buy car, ring - 0870 0105 671 - Audi Spec Check.. ask them for the spec of the car, they can match the vin for you, and also all the service history they have, i've come across cars that the guys saying its done 80k and audi can prove to me the last service was 110k...

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