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A4 2.0 TDI Turbo noise! cha cha cha chissssss fa fa fa fa fa

corrado999 Sep 20, 2013

  1. corrado999

    corrado999 New Member

    Hi all
    im a long time VAG enthusiast thats is starting to lose the wil....

    Less then 6 months ago i had a preventative oil pump change as i have the dreaded BLE coded diesel engine.
    £2.5k later with a new Audi supplied oil pump, crank shaft seal, new cambelt , serviced etc, the cat is making a horrendous turbo noise.

    between 1500-2000 revs in any gear it seems to dump the boost resulting in a cha cha cha chuffing noise like ivan the engine!, ive read various things about flutter dump and chatter etc.

    My local indie couldnt hear it!! think they may have no eardrums, another indie said they'd look at it but their further away. Tomorrow its going back to bosch garage that fitted the oil pump to be looked at under the years warrenty - fairly sure they will say its nowt to do with work they did.

    i dont want to take it back there as it was in for 6 weeks doing the pump due to constant issues with supplies and having a failure of the first pump they fitted because a bolt was not tight inside when supplied by Audi

    Does anyone have experience of this turbo noise? couyld it be connected to the oil pump?,
    can i just clean turbo somehow and sell it?
    its running fine otherwise , smooth and still powerful, just been to dorset with no probs

    im thinking this car is doomed , also broke windscreen the other day but thats another story....

    any help or reassurance appreciated, thanks phil
  2. Matt10160

    Matt10160 Active Member

    Mine has a noticeable dump valve type of noise if i pull hard between 1200-2000 revs and let off. Does it do it if you let off/change up after 2k revs
  3. corrado999

    corrado999 New Member

    Hi matt
    Yeh if I accelerate past 2500 revs or so it sounds normal just usual boost hissing etc
    I think
    Defo happens mostly when changing up gears like its got a leak somwhere or turbo probs
  4. Beeblebrox

    Beeblebrox Member

    Mine make's this noise also I've checked for leaks and can't see any was only noticeable after I had my dpf removed and remapped so figured this was the cause audi recently worked on it and said nothing so assume my turbos ok hope this helps
  5. corrado999

    corrado999 New Member

    Hi I dont think this model has a dpf does it?
    Im off to bosch garage soon so they can test drive it
    Only happens under load which I guess makes it hard to diagnose
    Sound like a pikes peak rally car at the moment :)
  6. Whopper

    Whopper Active Member

    If you think it's loosing pressure or dumping get them to do a vacuumed test, you may have a split in a hose or diaphragm somewhere. Where are you located?

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