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A3 remote central locking. standard equipment or retrofit?

turnips Nov 1, 2010

  1. turnips

    turnips New Member

    Hello fellow audi lovers, this iss my first post with my first audi, so please be gentle on me :p
    I'm at my wit's end with my 1998 a3 1.6 sport. I have trawled this forum and other vag forums to try to find out if my car came from the factory with remote locking.

    When I bought the car, I only got one key with it, and it was a non-remote type key (just a fixed, normal key, but a NAA profile, not a HAA) Because I only got the one key and because it is not a HAA, I am unsure as to whether is was a secondary "valet" key to accompany an original remote.

    I have access to vag-com, and have found that the central locking pump is a part number 8L0 862 257 H with soft coding 00266. Does anybody have any idea from this as to whether it is remote compatible, or whether an OEM flip-key remote could not be coded.
    I have struggled to find anything in detail about this pump and am unsure if it has the RF reciever in-built. Otherwise, is there a straight swap pump which I could fit (eg, from a later a3) which has the receiver in-built, so I can pair a remote key to it. If so, could anybody recommend a part number of a pump which supports the remotes.

    Thanks in advance for your help, guys.

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