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  1. Hi people

    Just need to ask as i've been looking for one even before I got my car!

    Why do they cost so much? Is there some secret place that sells them cheaper or am I just dreaming?

    Thanks :no:
  2. madluke

    madluke In pursuit of audiness:)

    I found 1 for 30 euros from ebay in germany 17 euros postage and job done:)
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    Have a look on ebay, but instead of searching for "A3 armrest" specifically, search for something like "A3 breaking" or "A3 interior" instead. Then send a message to each of the sellers asking if they have an armrest for sale.

    At the time that I was looking for an one the ones listed as just "armrest" were selling for over £100. After a bit of emailing I found a guy breaking a car and he sold me the armrest for £40.
  4. Ty to both i'll have another look

    P.S. Will any armrest from any year a3 fit mine? 54 plate Thanks
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2010
  5. ru4shaw

    ru4shaw Member

    pretty sure its got to be from a 53 plate onwards

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