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a3 1.6 not starting after getting warm

baker_boy Apr 12, 2010

  1. baker_boy

    baker_boy New Member

    right when i go out 1st thing in the morning the car will start fine and when i come out of work later on, roughly 8hrs later it will start up fine, but when i stop for petrol or to go into the shops after it gets warm it wont start properly..
    the starter motor would engange the engine and turns it a little bit but then it just jumps out again, it will sometimes take like 5+ times of me turning the ignition off and trying to start it will it actually start, anyone got any ideas what it could be? thought it might have been the immobiliser being dicky but i thought that it wouldnt even try an attmept to start it... possible new starter motor needed??

    any help is much appreciated


  2. finesse

    finesse Active Member

  3. johnone

    johnone 5th Gear

    Last edited: Apr 12, 2010
  4. baker_boy

    baker_boy New Member

    finesse - thanks for the info theres a guy local to me in bedford which shows on that map so will see if i can get hold of him

    johnone - i read your post earlier actually and thought it could be the same problem, but my car drives around fine when it is going and the asr light doesnt come on.. it could still be the crankshaft sensor though, not sure whether to just change it and see what happens, but rather someone just saying it could be that id like to find out myself if you know what i mean, but the thing is i dont have this vagcom thing so i got no way of checking it out.. btw was your car slightly misfiring at all on idle? before you changed the sensor of course..

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