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2004 Audi A6 1.8T Avant Multitronic Failure

safcsteve Jan 19, 2010

  1. safcsteve

    safcsteve New Member

    Hi, I was driving on Saturday when my 2004 A6 Avant 1.8T died on me. Basically I pulled up to a junction but when I attempted to pull away the car just revved and wouldn't move. I could move the gear level through the gears no problem but couldn't push it when it was in neutral indicating that it was stuck in gear. I have had no prior warning of this with none of the juddering that others have mentioned so it has come as a major shock to say the least.

    The RAC managed to transport the car to a local garage who inspected it yesterday and have informed me that the gearbox needs replacing. They have contacted Audi who have quoted £3900 for a new gearbox so with labour on top it is going to cost me £4500 to repair!! :crying:

    Does anyone know if it is posssible to source a reconditioned multitronic gearbox as I need to get it repaired but £4500 is very steep for a 6 year old car? I will also require it being sent to the Channel Islands.

    I also noticed a lot of posts regarding goodwill gestures from Audi, I realise the car is well out of warranty but it does have a full Audi service history so that might help(it has 120,000 miles on it). Any advice on how I would proceed with this i.e. do I just email them via the customer service link on their website?

    Thanks in advance for all replies.

  2. etronic

    etronic TDI

    Unfortunately you're just next victim of bloody CVT. If you get yourself second hand one it won't last long. Sooner or later will fail.
    I'd do some research as there is a possibility to swap it to manual. I'd have to dig out some information on this matter. The cost will be much smaller that new CVT.
  3. amimmortal

    amimmortal Member

    Has your car been serviced by Audi in accordance with the service schedule, and have you had the multitronic gearbox service every 40000 miles (meaning you should have had 3 of them by now)?

    If not, your chances of goodwill are slim to none.

    I have a 2004 1.9tdi Multitronic, but that hasn't even covered 40000 miles yet. However, at 37000 (the last MOT) I had the gearbox serviced. Regardless of the age of the car, there is a "reasonable" expectation that something as integral as the gearbox will not fail so easily - certainly no more so than the manual equivalent - after all, it's a "prestige" car, and it's sold on the basis of superior design and build quality.

    If my gearbox were to fail now, at only 40000 miles, with all the services carried out correctly and on time, I'd expect significant goodwill from Audi. As to whether I'd get it remains to be seen. I'd probably consider legal action if they didn't.

    As I've said before on these forums, I take each day as it comes with the multitronic. Right now it's absolutely fantastic, very smooth and working perfectly. Touch wood...

    Last edited: Jan 20, 2010
  4. safcsteve

    safcsteve New Member

    Hi, yes the car has been serviced whenever the serfvice induicator light has come on with hatever work Audi suggested completed. It is due a service now though.

    However to update the current situation.

    Audi came back and said I would need to get the car to my local Audi dealer for them to run their diagnostics before they could comment regarding making a goodwill gesture. As Audi couldn't commit to contributing I felt this was an expensive option as I would have to pay for the diagnostic check then potentially be in the same position of having to pay out £4500 for the replacement box.

    I managed to source a reconditioned box via 247 Spares for a total of £1316 all in and decided to go down that route instead, get it fitted, confirm it is working then trade in for another car. I went to order the gearbox today but unfortunately 247 Spares have come back and stated that although the gearboxes they have all come from Audi A6's the transmission type codes are different to the one in my car.

    My car has the code gly whereas the ones 247 Spares have in stock have the codes jql, ghv, hed, gwn.

    Does anyone out there know if these codes will work in my car or does it have to be a like for like match?

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