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2002 S3 Battery problem / Dead / not charging?

djarchive Feb 11, 2010

  1. djarchive

    djarchive Member

    Had a 5.5 Clifford Avantguard fitted and since then my battery is not holding charge. Took it off the car for approx 30 hours gave it a massive charge, and still to no avail.

    Dead as a dodo.:tocktock:

    So... Is the 1.8T battery found in the A3 the same used in my BAM S3?

    Just that I will use the 1 I can get from my local autofactor if this be true.

    Audi wont tell me / cant tell me as they are assholes :sadlike:


    Last edited: Feb 11, 2010
  2. Lemon S3

    Lemon S3 Alex

    I would of thought it is the same, cant see why it would be different.
  3. GeneralWest

    GeneralWest Member

    Hello mate, I work for a motor factors We have a problem with S3 batteries where they don't appear in our catalogues. I have fitted part no 027 to both my S3's (APY and AMK) which was a perfect match. For the A3 1.8T we list an 063 which is a couple of inches shorter and 200 amps less. These part numbers are standard UK reference numbers so most parts companies should recognise them. Hope this helps.

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