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2002 Allroad, any problems to watch out for?

reggieroo Sep 6, 2010

  1. reggieroo

    reggieroo Member

    Going to look at an Allroad at the weekend, 2002 2.5 tdi tiptronic with 129k & fsh.

    It has had a new compressor fitted 6 months ago & the door locks done, apparently it had a problem with the door locks which cost around a £1000 to get fixed. It's in having the mot done which it needed a new CV gaiter & track rod to pass.

    Just wondering how the 2.5tdi engines & tiptronic boxes are, any problems? Or anything thing else I should watch for?


  2. adamss24

    adamss24 Well-Known Member

    As you've been told before, make shure the suspenssion is ok, the engine is iddling fine with good power delivery and make shure the box shifts nice and clean. Make shure all the electrics work and i would get a good mechanic to give-it a good once over. The tiptronic boxes are pretty tough but require an oil change every 40-50 k or so (audi say the box is sealed for life ! Thing is the lofe of the box will be much longer with routine maintenance !) and the suspenssion airbags are prone to failure. Arnot bags are the best in the bussiness and cost about 500 each, much cheaper and more reliable than the genuine items. Other than that it should be a strong car with decent handling but the fuel ecconomy will suck due to the heavy car/automatic box combination. You will have no problem getting out of your village (snow or not !) if the car is in good nick, even on rubbish summer tyres !
  3. reggieroo

    reggieroo Member

    Pretty much what I thought really, been reading about the air suspension problems & would be nice to see some receipts for some new airbags at some point recently so I know I won't have to do them. He told me it has had the compressor done & that the suspension is working as it should. I've basically done a deal on the phone with the chap on the basis that it is as good as he Say's it is when I get there. I do hope so as I'm getting the train down with a view to buying it & driving it back. He said all the electrics work perfectly with no faults what so ever & did seem like a very genuine chap, I spent over an hour on the phone talking about the car etc.

    I can understand what your saying about having the fluid in the box changed even though it's Audi sealed for life. My BMW 740 is the same & my mate recommended that I change the oil as a precaution.

    The only other thing I've read about is the earlier 2.5TDI engine having problems with the cams etc. This one is a 2002 so does this still have that issue to worry about?

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