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    2.5 TDI quattro mods

    Forgive me all, these questions have probably been answered loads but only joined forum today. Just bought 2.5 tdi 180 quattro just wonder if the usual filter, exhaust etc are worthwile mods, also read a few links saying ' Dont bother with a re-map ' these quotes were not on this site, so is it worth it, car is 2003 plate with 47 k and full audi history

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    Im sure adamss24 will pop along soon.

    Off the top of my head, there isnt much getting much more than a remap unless you want to start spending some proper money.

    I had my 180 remapped, it made a big difference to be honest, much sharper and responsive along with abit more "kick" when the turbo spools.

    I also had a full stainless system made for mine with de-cat - this made no noticable difference.

    A few have fitted hybrid/different turbos along with different injectors, not sure on the power figures though.

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    I have had mine remapped by a company called big fish tunning and it has made a huge difference, I have also recently put a decanted exhaust... I have found it to make a bit of a difference but I am going to have the mapped tweaked again.. More boost and fuelling to support the exhaust

    I a, not sure how much the fuel pump can take.. But I think on the later models 03 onwards the fuel pump isn't as much of an issue..
    keep on top of the servicing with good oils as you can end up having premature cam wear!

    I would also like to know what the next stage is though and how much difference a hybrid turbo and larger nozzles make.. And what nozzles to buy?

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    my car came mapped to me by the previous owner, it claims to be 233 bhp now but i have never tested that claim, the BMC pannel air filter seems to make the car breath a bit better and have a sharper take off,

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    Fin turbo hybrid and bosio Power Plus 683 nozzles will take you to 250Bhp with the obligatory remap. The same hybrid + race nozzles 683 will take you to 280. Bosio race 683 + Garrett GTB2260Vk modded to fit will take you beyond 300 Bhp with better drive ability than on standard turbo ! Upgrading the brakes, suspension and adding a larger intercooler is a must. Also little tweaks like adding allroad fuel cooler and disabling the EGR also help improve the final output. Clutch will be fine to 300 Bhp/450Nm if you don't abuse-it- the tune should take care of that !
    For example AKN 150Bhp passat FWD with stock injectors and GT2052 turbo + remap done 152Mph on autobahn. Same car with allroad nozzles done 160 Mph. Car picks up quicker and feels wicked to drive. Dyno to follow...
    -Golf mk 5/audi a3 1.6 FSI fuel pump, brand new genuine part boxed + seals
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