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Nov 20, 2012
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Guess which club/forum features in Chris Knott's Top 20 and in particular our Top 10...

Chris Knott Insurance specialises in looking after the insurance needs of car enthusiasts, working for the members of around 200 car clubs/forums across the UK.

We've compiled our Top 20 clubs/forums for the first half of 2015. The results are based on a combination of the number of quotes requested by the club, the number of new policies sold and then the % of quotes converted.

If your club features it means you're more likely to save money on your standard/modified/multicar insurance when you ask Chris Knott to quote because you're very active with us.

As car club members generally look after their cars better than the average driver, the insurers on our panel allow us to be a bit more flexible in our pricing and respond to your best alternative quote rather than a rigid computer calculation to win the business.

This is currently working best for members of these forums, including yours:


1. Alfa Romeo Owners Club
2. Volvo Owners Club
3. Saab Owners Club
4. Briskoda
6. Z4 Forum
7. Mercedes-Benz Owner
10. MR2 Owners Club

11. Fiesta ST Owners Club
12. MPS Owners Club
13. UK Passats
15. Focus ST Owners Club
16. Civic Type R Owners
17. VR6 Owners Club
19. UK Saabs
20. Astra Owners Network

Thanks if you've already asked us for a quote. If you haven't yet, please do call us when your renewal falls due and include us in the mix of companies you get your quotes from.

QUOTELINE: 0800 917 2274 / 01424 200477 - please mention this club/forum to receive the full benefit.


These club members are happy with their recent quotes:

"Just renewed mine again this week and it was cheaper than anywhere else I went to. Declared my mods too and changed my address with no cost. Brilliant." JackW, Civinfo

"Just spoke to a lovely lady called Kathy, and they got my quote down from £298 with Post Office to £200 all in. Money Supermarket were offering me £194 online, with a supposed £0 excess....via Esure/Sheila's Wheels. That I find hard to believe, and having been burnt before on these enticing offers (once they have you, they then load everything on - windscreen, legal, business use, etc). Kathy got me a great deal with what I wanted, £100 excess and all the other bits included!" jodonut99, Dacia Forum

"So far so good! Not only did they beat my renewal but they beat the lowest quote on the comparison website by a whopping £70. Saved over £200 on my renewal quote. Content of insurance seems great also. Hopefully I won't need to use them but hope all is well if I do! Thanks CK!" Watsona6, Briskoda

"Just insured my 530i with Chris Knott - they were £70 cheaper than my renewal cost from Admiral and beat the cheapest quote I could find anywhere else by £20, can't argue with that :) Kathy was very friendly and helpful on the phone and called back straight away when I was cut off by a thunder storm so I didn't have to go through all the menus and questions again, which was nice." lufbramatt, BMW 5 Series forum

"Just renewed my policy yesterday with CKI. Heres to another easy amd cheap 12 months" Jamie, Fiesta OC

"Big thanks to Rebecca at Chris Knott - having moved to an even more dodgy postcode my previous brokers wouldn't entertain renewing. Chris Knott matched me up to my previous insurers with the same cover as before. Excellent friendly service, and reminded me to get the rest of my documents sent in when I'd obviously forgotten!" Rebel Rebel, Volvo Performance Club UK

"Got my renewal from CKI at £800 which is cheaper than last year by £60. Shopped around online and got a quote for £640 so I thought I would have to leave CKI this year. A phone call to Milton and a few emails later he got back to me and said my insurance company will match the quote like for like for £640 aswell. All in all Milton just saved me £160. Calls centre are friendly and more than happy to help you and English based which is a big bonus. Here's to another year with @ChrisKnottIns :D:D:D" davidm5575, Fiesta OC


A reminder of the MAIN CHRIS KNOTT PRODUCTS available to members:

* Car Insurance / Multi-car Insurance (extra discounts for more than one car) - phone for a quote
* Breakdown Cover - by phone or quote and buy online
* GAP Insurance - by phone or quote and buy online

CHRIS KNOTT QUOTELINE: 0800 917 2274 - Please mention this forum to receive the full benefit (or call 01424 200477 - cheaper for mobiles).