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Had an 8L S3, a B5 RS4 now I have a B8 S4
Nov 11, 2009
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Afternoon guys,

Ive finally saved up the dosh for an S3 so most of my work hours have been dedicated to scouring around looking for one. My past cars have all been purchased from dealerships but I found what looks like a great deal privately with this little beauty.
It looks to be good order, Ive had a conversation with the current owner, its had the the cam belt and water pump changed and he has the receipts, MOT till next year same with tax and I'm going to have a look on Monday evening. He has said that there is a small circle of bubbling paintwork on the tailgate handle, which I understand Audi wont fix under warranty but at least the sellers been honest.

My question is this; in your experience is buying this s3 privately worth the risk of not having a warranty etc. or do you think it would be better to save the extra needed for an s3 from a dealership. My lack of experience is making me a bit nervous about going private but I don't want that to get in the way of what looks like a good deal.

All thoughts welcome.

well Iv always bought privately, aslong as you throughly check everything you should be alright. Potential bargaining points are bubbling on roof rails, alarm siren, window clips failing, ideally if you can get it checked with vagcom, this will bring up any logged errors. When I was looking for one I didnt want silver, but now im starting to like it very much, and its very practical. If you got it for 6k, that would be a steal if its genuine
Ive never bought a car from a dealership. If you give a car a thorough once over, test drive it, give it another once over, quiz the current owner and don't find any it! But if you have ANY doubts, always walk away.
i dont know why people have the asumption that dearler cars are somewhat better? it has only been part ex'd from private anyway. if your worries about warranty go for (quentin wilson 1) very good warranty!

i paid 6500 for my silver s3 6 months back, pretty much the same as that ad. beware of audi costs tho.. £800 for a service!!
good luck
Looks a nice car mate, welcome to the club (pre-emptive should you choose to buy it :thumbsup:).... Silver is the best Audi colour IMO...

I bought mine from a car dealer in Cheltenham but haggled the price down quite a lot tbh... He gave me a 3 month warranty as they have to by all accounts but tbh the things aren't really worth paying extra for...

Be nice to see another local silver S3 though...

Thanks for your thoughts guys, reassuring to hear! hopefully everything will go ok and I'll get some good pictures up for you guys some time next week.

Tuffty I've always got my eye out for your s3 but I haven't seen it yet, probably just because its so stealth :hubbahubba:
Thanks again chaps.
...Tuffty I've always got my eye out for your s3 but I haven't seen it yet, probably just because its so stealth...

I only work in Cheltenham and have been driving the Golf in recently although I have used the S3 all this week :)

hpi check says the current owner purchased the car on the 19th Feb 2010, seems a bit quick to be selling it...
hpi check says the current owner purchased the car on the 19th Feb 2010, seems a bit quick to be selling it...

Does seem a little quick, one thing I would say though is that these cars cost more to run that alot of people imagine, wouldn't be the first to buy and sell up when they realise how much fuel they use and repair costs !
S3's aren't the cheapest cars to run with insurance and fuel... servicing and other 1.8t problems are pretty much the same across the VAG range otherwise... maybe running costs is the reason for moving the car on...

All you can do is ask the question really... if the reason is plausible and the rest of the car checks out such as no funny rattles from the engine, oil smoke from the exhaust, white smeg in the oil, power delivery feels as it should then no reason why it shouldn't be a good one... circumstances change especially in todays economical situation...

Ask the question but there are lots of cars about for the patient buyer... good luck bud...

yeah this is what i was thinking, however when i spoke to the current owner he said this was his second s3 so you'd have thought he'd have known. I think i'll ask him how long he's had it and see if he trips up, and if he doesn't see what reason he gives for selling it so quickly. It's probably me just overthinking it lol.