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Your help please....

Geoff Morritt Nov 4, 2018

  1. Geoff Morritt

    Geoff Morritt New Member

    Hi all....Has anyone hard wired a rear facing camera/recorder to the Avant model and how did you route the wire?
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  3. ToadConsulting

    ToadConsulting Member

    I'm still pondering - for now I've just got my rear one connect to the power supply in the boot but of course only on when car is running - if you come up with a good way do tell!
  4. EXSpartan36

    EXSpartan36 Active Member VCDS Map User Team Phantom TDi saloon Audi A4 S-line owners group Manual

    I haven't done an Avant but I've done plenty of hatch backs which have similar setups on the tailgates. I usually run the cable along the roof making sure it doesn't get in the way of the airbag up there then pop the cable gland out that fixes between the roof and the tailgate. usually there are 2 glands 1 with the cables and the other with the rear washer hose. I feed the cable through that to attach the camera.
  5. Meemo

    Meemo Well-Known Member Supercharged Audi S5 Black Edition

    I have hardwired front and rear on an a4, s5 and bmw 1 series, I used the roof lining, just popped off the seat belt cover to get access, and use pry tools to tuck it in.
    on the 1 series because of the hatch, you just pop off the plastic trim around the window and pull the hose out that holds the wires, ones you start you realise it all pops off really easy.
  6. ToadConsulting

    ToadConsulting Member

    I've read before getting the tailgate trim off is a pain in the butt hence not bothered so far - if anyone got some pics who have done it be good to see (think a few screws you got to find first). No cable gland either that you can utaliseā€¦

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