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Your Go To Products

Taxboy Aug 8, 2018

  1. Taxboy

    Taxboy Registered User

    Not wanting to clutter up Jassy's snow foam thread. I thought it might be interesting so see what everyone's go to products are and see if any products keep cropping up. So if you were not allowed to buy anything you had not already used what single product in each category would you spend your hard earned on again

    It might be helpful if you added a brief reason as well.

    I'll start

    Shampoo Bilt Hamber Autowash No fancy smells, but very slick and good cleaning power. Only a small amount needed so good vfm

    LSP Bilt Hamber Finis. Easy to use if you put it on thinly. Good finish / durability and vfm

    QD EZ car care gloss boss. Good gloss easy to use vfm

    So over to the rest of you

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  3. pxr5

    pxr5 Registered User

    Pre-wash - Autofoam through a pump sprayer (because it cleans well, nothing else comes close)

    Shampoo - Carchem 1900:1 (great value, works well)

    LSP - Fusso Dark - cheap, lasts ages, nice finish

    QD - BSD. (Beading, cheap, protection)

    Trim - Carpro Perl (dilutable, last ages, can use on tyres, trim, interior)

    Tyres - Megs endurance (many don't like it, I love it - treid loads of others, always come back to this)

    Wheels - Planet Polish Wheel, Seal and Shine or FK1000P - (both high temp for wheels, look good and last)

    AIO Polish - AG SRP (The best AIO polish ever, nice finish, always works well)

    Polish DAT - Scholl S20 (works well, breaks down easily to leave an nice finish)

    Polish SMAT - Megs 105/205 combo - (Good workhorse polishes, easy to use)
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  4. jassyo06

    jassyo06 T-Cut King !

    I ain't into all this Detailing World . ... jargon....but Just give me any car shampoo any microfibre mitt, 2 pads a white polishing pad and a green one,Sonax perfect finish, some quick detailer and Angelwax vision, finally any tyre dressing bar Megs as it's guff.... slings off the tyres faster than Tarzan swings through the jungle, it never cures and its a dust magnet
    I could live with just these products alone .. easily and my car wouldn't look any different
  5. Adam14

    Adam14 Registered User

    Haven't had a chance to use many but:

    Pre wash: DoDo Juice iFoam
    Shampoo: Bilt Hamber
    Clay bar: AM details

    Other products I've used, but not really good enough to recommend.
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  6. Ron240

    Ron240 Breaking the stereotype Gold Supporter

    I've tried many car shampoos over the years, but I now swear by Bilt Hamber Auto-Wash and wouldn't use anything else.
    Other cleaning/detailing products I am open to change. :)
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