Your favourite towbar!


On my 3rd A4! RS4 next???
Guys, I'm looking for a towbar for my Avant and want your opinions.

It needs to removable, I had a witter on my old b7 which was slightly ugly when removed (metal ring hangs down from bumper) but it's biggest issue was that when in use the trailer hitch was about 10mm from my bumper. This made it hard to couple or uncouple without bashing the bumper!

Any pics and options would be appreciated.

Regards Chris

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I hope you don't mind me adding another question in this subject.
I'm planning to buy 2.0TQ and was looking at DTM's with bumper with diffuser. Is it possible to add detachable towbar to this car?


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I have a B7 SE, and you cant see my tow bar when removed?



On my 3rd A4! RS4 next???
Hi Steve,

I have a copule of questions if you don't mind!

Is that the vertical detachable westfalia?
Did you install yourself?
Whats the clearance like when its coupled?
How is the 2.0T at towing?

Moved from a 3.0TDI to a 2.0T and hoping it will do the job.

Cheers Chris


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westfalia verrticle detachable, I have one on my B7 avant and I also fitted one to my dads for him too, you can not tell at all its on there and in my opinion its the best one out there. (I witness testing of new approved towbars made in the uk and personally I would have the westfalia, its juts a little neater than some of the uk ones, esp the cheaper ones....)

I got mine from PF JONES cheapest place in the uk for the westfalia - PF Jones Witter Tow bars and Westfalia Towbars, Price Promise all Tow bars. Eberspacher Main Dealer dont forget your by pass relay too! if your not too shabby with the tools its an easy fit your self, can be done in 5 or so hours taking it very easy and slow, start to finish... the wirng will take you longest, for the fog light feed that can be found on the pass side where 4 wires go up to the roof, its the grey and blue iirc.


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Hi Chris,

Sorry i have taken so long to reply, been a busy few weeks.

I did fit it myself, got the towbar and electrics from towequipe, they were really good - next day delivery on everything I needed.
This is the tow bar i got (i think) - Towequipe - UK's best value towbar store - Audi Westfalia Detach Towbar A4 Sal & Avant 04 To 07
And these electrics - Towequipe - UK's best value towbar store - 7Pin Specific towbar Wiring Fits Audi A4 Est Sall 04>08

I went for the car specific electrics so i could have the light flash on the dash and not a buzzer - plus wanted to try and keep it looking OEM.

The clearance seems ok when i have things on, i have had a few boat trailers and bike racks without any problems, altho i always thought a plate would be useful to stop any damage when linking up.

My 2.0T seems ok at towing, i have not towed anything really heavy, everying on unbraked trailers, but its never let me down, and also the quattro works really well on the beach when towing.