Your favorite scenes and lines from movies?


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After seeing the suggestions in the trailer and sound track threads it reminded me of how many classic films I need to see again. But in my spare time at work iv'e just watching some of my favorite scenes from films. So here's a few of mine that either get me on the edge of my seat still or just make me laugh. Put down any of your favorites?

Rush hour never gets boring


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Could go on all day with this movie, "they broke my watch" makes me laugh every time :busted cop:



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Fantastic thread.

Iv not seen Legend, but it's now on my bucket list.

Watching the MI3 clip, shows how good and versatile an actor Philip Seymour Hoffman was.

Hot Fuzz.. shooting in the air..

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Posted this in the other thread, but it's equally applicable here:

Had to get in there with this one. VTEC KICKED IN YOOOOO

Just love the sound of that Supra starting up and of course "What's the retail on one of those?"

"Man that's not a tool, that's a damn brick!"

A funny one from Trainspotting:



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Reminds me of this :wtf:


Snake Pliskin

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"whatever you're thinking .... re-think it"

Love that line and this scene from Homefront ....

and this scene from Expendables is equally very cool .....

and while we are on Expendables ......

"Fry & Die" :sunglasses:



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A classic (please note there is quite a bit of offensive language in this one!)

I've got to talk to my niece is bf soon about a few things. I won't be that extreme tho

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The rarely seen Die Hard with a Vengeance alternative 'Darker' ending.....