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Your driving offence stories

Brennan Jul 22, 2014

  1. Brennan

    Brennan Former Audi Driver

    I got this idea after telling this story on another forum to a young lad who is in the same situation as i was.

    Post up your stories, dealings with cops/courts etc. This thread will make interesting late night reading :)

    A week before i was off my R Plates (Restriction of 45mph for first two years in N.Ire) , I got caught doing 79mph in a dual carrigeway 50mph limit. I didnt even know it was a 50, i didnt see the sign, although irrelevant as i was speeding anyway.

    I remember the night well, Officers were in an unmarked light blue Rover 75 estate. The officer was literally standing right in the middle of the dual carrigeway with the hairdryer (not sure how he thought this was a good idea). The officers were horrible to me, gave me such a doing and made me watch a DVD in their car about people crashing and dying. They made it pretty clear that they thought i'd never drive again.

    Come to think of it i wish i had of got their badge numbers now, theres no way anyone should be treated like i was, treated as if i was criminal. Anyway they said i'd recieve a summons in 6 months time, but it wasnt until 8 months passed that i got the dreaded 'Her Majesty's Service' letter.

    I got myself an excellent solicitor and went to court a few months later. I remember that morning too, walking into the court, white as a ghost, like death warmed up. Just before i entered the courtroom, my solicitor dropped the bombshell that the case before mine, another young lad, had got the books taken off him for a very similar offence by the same judge who, at this point, was very angry and did not take a good view on young lads.

    I remember feeling very faint, but i went in and took my seat. My solicitor was excellent, she made a very compelling case and argued every point for me. At the end, the judge looked over to me and sighed. He praised me for having no previous offences, for attending and taking the situation seriously and that i was well presented in my formal attire. His tone then suddenly changed and he angrily explained that he has to deal with young guys like me every day and that he needed to make an example out of me. At this point i was waiting for the worse to come out.

    The next words he uttered made me breathe a huge but quiet sigh of relief, his tone turned soft again and said that he could see the pain and worry in my face and that he thought on this occassion i had learned my lesson. He gave me 4 points and a £300 fine to be paid within 30 days.

    I was just happy that i was walking out of that courtroom with my licence.

    That was 6 years ago now, i was a baby faced 19yr old but still makes makes the sweat bubble on my forehead when i think of it today. A day i'll certainly never forget.​

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  3. Shrek5

    Shrek5 Well-Known Member

    Mine was many years ago in an old Astra SXi 1.6... feel the poooowwwweeeerrrr!

    Anyway, just before Christmas travelling along the M6 there were roadworks (think they were building the M6 Toll at the time) and it was a temporary 50mph limit. Of course being a bit younger and seeing as I couldn't actually see anyone working I thought I could push it a bit. At this point the lanes are fairly narrow so I'm not taking the p*ss (IMO of course).

    Then get to the end of the narrow lanes but the temporary 50mph remains in place as there is subsidence in the carriage way, a couple of bumps, but no worries I've been through those before. So I start to accelerate and go over the bumps and think right I'm on my way.

    Next thing I see is an unmarked Volvo (cliche or what?) with it's blues on behind me. A feeling of dread grips the stomach so I pull over hoping they are on the way to something else... they drop in behind me... ****. Maybe if I pull over to the inside lane they'll go past... nope still there... Ok onto hard shoulder...

    Cop gets out comes up to the passenger side and opens the door, asks "Do you know why we've stopped you?". Being an unmarked motorway car I know it will have all the equipment on board so I say "Yes I was speeding...". Anyway, invites me to the back of their car and plays the clip back to me. They point out that as I go past them initially they pick me up at 68mph (gulp). In my defence you can see I'm aware of the traffic as at one point I start to come in from having gone past the police car, but a car up ahead is coming out so I indicate back out and safely overtake...

    Anyway they point out the '50' signs on the motorway, and I'm watching the speed creep up (knowing that the rules are 30mph over the speed limit generally means a court appearance and a ban of some sort) and I see it go 78...79...80...81...(******) so at this point I ask "Will I lose my licence over this", their response "We'll get to that in a minute sir...". My speed gets to 88mph (uh-oh) and then I hit the two bumps in the road. From inside the car this didn't feel dramatic at all, from the video playback it actually looked a lot more dramatic!

    At this point they pull me over... So... do I lose my licence? Well they say "Look, you've been reasonable with us, we're prepared to be reasonable with you, we can deal with this in one of two ways, we can either take this to court and put it in front of a judge who probably won't look to kindly on it, or we can put you down for an average and deal with it here...".

    Guess which option I took! They put me down for an 'average' of 78mph and I 'got off' with 3 points and £60 fine, phew! IMHO I took that as something of a let off. I've no doubt that by not being a ***** about it helped, and I think they could see that I was aware of what was going on around me (and considering it was coming up to Christmas I wasn't even breathalysed!) which helped. Also I'm sure it would have been more paperwork for them had it gone to court. There's always the chance that with a good lawyer etc I might have even come away with nothing - but that wasn't guaranteed so I was quite happy with the 3 points and the SP60 (or SP50 can't quite remember) I 'got away' with...

    Oddly I now ALWAYS obey to temporary speed restrictions through motorway roadworks...
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  4. Wallm0nkey

    Wallm0nkey Member

    It was about a year ago for me on a road I drive all the time it's two lanes one way system and a 30 limit. I'd say from driving it a lot about 70% of cars go too quickly through it and whilst I was stopped 4 other people also suffered the same fate! It has a slight sweeping bend and the police were just around it with the gun another holding a sign saying your speeding then directing us onto a car park. I was doing 42 and held my hands up and the police were sound about it. I had no previous and he seemed sorry to be giving me a ticket I got 3 points and £100 fine. I must admit I think it was a good thing I never drove stupidly or raced around but know that my speed used to creep up now and again. Now I do really pay attention and can hand on heart say I stick to the limits as much as I seem to annoy other road users doing so... Some roads I disagree with the limits but they are what they are not worth another 3 points for me to disagree :)
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  5. jdp1962

    jdp1962 Grumpy Old Man Gold Supporter

    Back in 2004, I had borrowed my neighbour's estate car (an utterly vile R-reg Escort Diesel) to take a large volume of household and garden rubbish to the council recycling centre. I had to do about four runs, there was so much. On the way back from the final one, and anxious to be home and in the bath, I pushed on a bit along a two-mile long dual carriageway that is subject to a 40mph limit its entire length. It's covered by two Gatsos, but after the second I got up to a heady 58mph. jJust too late do do anything about it, I saw a police officer standing in the central reservation up ahead, pointing the dreaded gun back along the carriageway. A hundred yards later , another officer gestured me over to the layby.

    Knowing I had no defence, I just said, "no excuses, you've got me bang to rights" (Yes, I really did say that). The officer was fine about it, gave me the FPN for £60 and three points (taking me to six at the time), and than casually asked "Is this your car, sir?"

    I had to take my insurance up to the local station as proof I was covered to drive the Escort. There was a period before I dug out the policy schedule when I began to worry that I might not be covered. If I hadn't been, then another six points would have taken me straight to a ban. That was not a nice couple of hours, I can tell you.

    A few days later, I bought a Road Angel and spent the next three years driving like my mother (which was a shame because I had just bought a B5 2.8 Quattro Sport a few weeks ago).
  6. joinerman

    joinerman Well-Known Member

    I do hot air ballooning when the weather conditions allow, about three years ago i get a call after lunch asking if i will do a retrieve for a ballooning company & can i be at the launch field at five, yep no problem, timeing's quite critical in ballooning as if you don't take off on time the passengers don't get their hour ride of a lifetime before sunset, you have to land 30 mins before sunset, just as i was locking up my workshop to leave i had a customer turn up & could i get rid of him ? NO I'm now running late & about three miles to travel so i thought I'd nip down a quiet lane as a bit of a shortcut, whip round a bend & there in front of me a camera van, 41mph in a 30mph limit, 60 quid & three points for trying not to let 12 people's night down
  7. tom2

    tom2 Member

    I was one arrested on suspicion of vehicle theft when I was 22, nothing ever came of it except a nice apology letter. Sticks with me though because I was driving my dads car at the time and sadly he had a fatal heart attack 2 days later and it was the last time I spoke to him.

    Was driving my dads jag xk8 because my focus had been written off while parked outside home a day or two before, anyways, a marked police car had driven past as I was getting in it at a petrol station (wearing a track suit as I'd just left the gym which probably didn't help) thought nothing of it until half a mile down the road I saw they had stopped, as soon as I drove past they came tearing up behind me sirens wailing.

    Pulled over, one came running up to my window and snatched the keys from the ignition and got me out the car and put me in theirs, did the usual who are you where you going is it your car sir etc. unfortunately for me all I had on me was about £8 in change, and a battered illegible gym card, didn't know my dads insurance company (I was on his policy as a named driver), no id, absolutely nothing to prove who I was etc. they nicked me and locked me up for a few hours until my dad (ironically a barrister) came charging into the nick f ing and blinding at me thinking I'd been done for drink driving or doing 150 in a 30 zone or ran over a unicorn. I was quickly released after The old man, bless him, calmed down and could prove I'd been telling the truth all along and everything was above board.

    I don't blame them really I'd have pulled me over too, a kid driving a 6 month old v8 jag is just asking for it really, and when I couldn't prove a thing at the roadside it must have seemed like the jackpot. The day after a lovely apology letter came hand delivered and hand written by the arresting officer. I made him a cuppa and revelled in it for 10 minutes because he was bright red embarrassed, had to be done!

    Apart from this I've always found traffic cops to be decent human beings, I love giving the unmarked ones the thumbs up when I spot them, they don't seem to like it for some reason.
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  8. sidibear

    sidibear Going with the flow. Staff Member Moderator

    I do that with the ARV cars, they always smile and give me a middle finger.
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  9. opelfruit

    opelfruit Well-Known Member

    Funnily enough I got pulled over about an hour ago, ANPR picked up my private plate and said my car wasn't insured. So 20mins in the back of a rather nice BMW and we cleared it up; my insurance company have moved systems and noone is showing up on police computers, be warned anyone with MoreThan!! Incase you also get pulled over.
    Decent chaps too, wanted to know about my S4 and gave me a note incase I got pulled over again to avoid the hassle
  10. Phil-1

    Phil-1 Well-Known Member Regional Rep

    I got 3 points and £60 fine for doing 34mph in a 30mph at 3am. The copper asked if I had any points, when I replied no he said " congratulations you do now"
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  11. S3Hendry

    S3Hendry Member

    Good thread

    I was bombing along a dual carriage way in my bmw 318 ci, then out the corner of my eye I seen a suspicious black Mondeo parked at a junction on the opposite side of the dual carriage way, my heart sunk, I knew instantly I had been caught, my fear became reality when this black Mondeo came up my **** with the blue lights..jumped in there car and the officer showed me the figure they clocked on the radar gun. It was 99mph ha

    Still lost my license, I was 19, first two years.
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  13. Ash92

    Ash92 Active Member

    I got a £30 fine for swerving out the way of school kids ended up going down a bus lane.
  14. DieselJake

    DieselJake Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    I nudged a couple early twenty year old's who purposely crossed the road late walking slowly like they owned it. In north London pedestrians generally interrogated drivers whilst crossing as though we wouldn't hit them (and... well... I did). Makes me laugh how people choose to play with death crossing late and slow whilst sticking tongues out or doing jumping jacks in the middle of a busy road in a car vs organ sack game of chicken. Rather them than me though especially when I know nasty buggers like myself own a licence.
  15. dieselguy

    dieselguy Active Member

    I got fined twice when l was living in London. First time for dropping a friend off at a bus stop…. literally car stops, door opens, person got out, door shuts and i drove off - £80. Second time I had to cut into the last meter of the bus lane to wait to turn left, otherwise I block traffic going straight, another £80. At least no points so i just paid and swore, and tried to forget it…. ******* cameras.
  16. Westy_A3T

    Westy_A3T Member

    Sunny Sunday afternoon barely any cars on the a14 so i gunned it on this little strech of road and was caught by a camera van parked on the flyover doing 92mph. I was in P/boro and came off a roundabout where roadworks were and a tempery 40mph sign was facing me as i turned down this road. Went the whole way dead on 40 and got flashed by a camera. On my way back i noticed the 30mph sign before the speed camera. Driving down this road near where i live everyone does 40-50 so one morning at 06:20am a mobile camera got me doing 40 again. So that was in total 9 points and £180 in fines in the space of 4 years. All clean now though.
  17. lee_fr200

    lee_fr200 Well-Known Member

    I had a stripped out home built corsa 2litre turbo running 300hp and weighed 1000kg so it was quick,

    Up ahead there was a focus st driving quickly and a jag s type R and yet seemed to be playing with each other so in my ultimate wisdom once the jag had overtook the focus I was sat on his **** and he wouldn't move so I undertook at speeds I won't publish the jag became a dot and flashed his high beams so I slowed down thinking he wanted another go......

    Big mistake was a undercover police officer he pulled in front forced me to the side and had a few words, had a look around the car did vehicle checks told me to behave and was on his way don't ask how he didn't do me but he was absolutely sound I sold the car not long after I built it because I quickly realised it was a licence losing car

    But it watching that boost gauge wind round to 22psi and the noise was amazing I miss it but family and buying a house came first and I need my licence for my job
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  18. DieselJake

    DieselJake Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    Nice haha I'd love a licence loosing car it's just bad driving habbits like mine wouldn't transfer well, I'm dangerous enough in a heavy 200bhp derv. Had something similar to yours when racing my mates Astra, police saw what we were doing, stopped us both but no points, licence lost or anything. Think it's just a case of having the right attitude with the police, I even ended up saying "it's just had a bigger turbo so I'm thrashing it a bit" and his response was "well you've gotta really haven't you".
  19. pluves1

    pluves1 Active Member

    This takes me back a few years when I was about to change from the S3 into the BMW. On my way home from work A road most of the way and quite a 'quick' road. I'm well versed in the art of spotting under cover police cars having been pulled twice by them and also having an altercation with one as well (that's another story). So clear(ish) road, good visibility and dry conditions I attempted to see what the S3 was capable of as one last reminder before I hit the diesel again. Speed limit was broken and I was at the point of overtaking another car in the fast lane on a minor right hand bend. Nothing behind me and then looks ahead some distance (0.5 miles) and there is a patrol car parked at 90° with his window down and pointing his LTI2020 gun at me. Needless to say I am braking quite hard but, conscious of what is behind me and not wanting to brake too hard and come to a stop!

    As I cruised past him at 70mph I could just tell that he was getting ready to pull out and follow me and sure enough he did just that pulling me into a petrol station not too far down the road. As I sat in the back of his car listening to his condescending voice saying how 'disgusted' he was with my speed I didn't say much as I knew he was out to get me to court. I did try and apologise but, said that it was a clear road and I wasn't racing just merely 'testing out' the S3 before I changed cars. He was having none of it so I duly awaited my appointment with the courts.

    As I used my car for business I was keen not to lose my licence so hired an 'out of area' solicitor who knew his stuff on speeding and how to ensure I wasn't going the speed they alleged. After a long day awaiting my turn I finally got in front of the magistrates. My solicitor rang rings around the magistrates and also the police officer. At one point the justices clerk had to advise the magistrates that they couldn't proceed the way they wanted as my solicitor had already advised how we wanted to be dealt with. Well they didn't like that either so my solicitor sat shaking his head whilst the justices clerk had to intervene again correcting the magistrate. The whole thing was a bit of a sham and my solicitor reckons I was unlucky. At one point he thought that we'd got the police officer on the calibration and checking of the device. Something to do with them not measuring the distance each time but, using a pre-marked line for which there was no evidence to support the fact that the line was accurately measured so relying on something which he didn't measure or check himself. Oh and they didn't have a copy of the manual for the camera so everything was done from memory and a pre check list - again my solicitor pointed out that they had missed some points from the manual to ensure it's accuracy. The one thing that stood out was how the police officer was asked by my solicitor why he referred to me speeding round the corner. The officer said that I was taking the 'racing line' and that he estimated my speed to be 'in excess of 120mph'. At which point he raised and pointed his device - whilst not confirming that was my speed I was lucky enough to be slowing down a little having clocked him so he might have been a little peeved that his gun only registered 102mph.

    On speaking to another solicitor in the room we were advised that these particular magistrates don't like 'out of town' solicitors, especially ones who know their stuff! So my solicitor and the other thought I was lucky to escape with 6 points and a £600 fine:blush:

    For the record I don't condone speeding and if you choose to drive in excess of the speed limit you have to accept the consequences (even with a good solicitor!!).
  20. Cozza McA

    Cozza McA Crunching The Gears

    Not really an offence but when I picked up my new car (BMW) :ninja: from Stevenage I had a 550 mile drive home with out a single hitch on the roads I'd never driven. I got to the bypass to the town next to mine, so I thought I would go a spin through to see what was happening if anything as it was 2 in the morning...
    Anyway I see a cop car ahead that pulled into a junction so when I go pass I stare him out, needless to say he then followed me throughout the town for a mile or so. As there is a few bad pot holes on a narrow corner I drove along the middle of of the road to dodge them. Once on the Main Street lights go on so I though her we go!
    Pull over and get the questions saying they suspect me of drink driving and if it was my car and insured. Then after I tell him just picked it up and drove home he checks all four tyres (pointless), think he was looking for things to do me for as they never even breathalyzed me after saying they suspected me of doing so, took my details. As I never had the V5 to hand.

    While they had stopped me my trip computer was showing on the centre console with an average speed of 61MPH so I quickly exited that before they spotted it. I tried some banter like have u been busy as it was the dead of night but nothing.
    Just before I left they asked me what I do for a living, how much my insurance was and how much the car cost, as I'm a young driver they were probably thinking how could I afford it.

    Also been reported for dangerous driving by a motorist that I overtook and they must have though it was to small a gap to pass clearly I had plenty.
    Lucky i was out when they turned up so only spoke to my dad.
  21. Pulp84

    Pulp84 Well-Known Member

    Some great tales on here!

    My last brush with the law was in 2007. I was staying at my girlfriends house one summer while her parents were away and thought as we had the house to ourselves I'd treat us to a take away before the main event......

    She lived 3 miles from our local town in a little village so had to drive to the curry house. I took her Polo 1.4 TDI Bluemotion as strangely quite enjoyed driving it. So, get the curry and head back towards her village along a 30 mile an hour road past a recently closed down secondary school. Sat in the school bus entrance was a Honda Accord. As soon as I saw it I knew it was a Police unmarked car and could see the LTi2020 pointing at me.

    Went past him and realised I was probably doing 40mph. Cue squeaky bottom time. The officer pulls me over in to a bus stop approx 1/2 mile up the road. So the officer pulls up, I get out the car, he demands my keys and then gives me the whole "how quick do you think you were going etc etc" chat. Just as he is finishing, a heavily modded Supra speeds past at what must be 70+ (we are still on the 30 mph) road. So I say - "look at that! - you need to be talking to him". Wish I hadn't said that. He then gave me a fearsome bollocking noting he didn't care about other road users at this point of time - I was his concern and I was getting "everything he could give me"! So I said after this aggressive outburst "what's you name ? - you can't speak to me like that". The officer then aggressively points at the numbers on his shoulder and says "that's my name".

    We then get on to my girlfriends car......long story short the number plate on it was "blocked" due to her fathers very senior role in the Met Police. As my own car had a "blocked" plate due to my fathers job in the MoD I knew I could not confirm who owned the car or confirm why I was driving it. Cool hey? The officer needed to call the "flag" number attached to number plate in the Police directory. This made the officer even more angry.

    I get my ticket (3 points, £60 fine, 39mph in a 30mph limit) and went home with my cold curry. Few weeks later on telling my girlfriends dad about the incident he was super angry. He said I should not have been treated like that and very angry that the officer tried getting out of me the reason for the number plate "block". Apparently a massive no-no. He tells me to complain to the Independent Police Complaints Commissions (IPCC).

    So I sent an enquiry on their website and to be fair forgot about it. Couple of days later had a very official letter from the IPCC saying they were passing my complaint to the police force in question and I would be contacted. Next day get a call from the officer who stopped me line manager (inspector - road division). He was quite shocked by my story and invited me in to the station to chat it through. On getting to the station he plays the whole video of the incident and (some) audio! My story was corroborated from the video and the officer concerned was taken of traffic duties while they investigated further. Apparently if I was aggressive he can be aggressive, but as I was calm he had no reason to talk to me like that. He also should have given me his name when I asked for it. Not deflected. He also broke force rules for enquiring about the number plate block.

    I had a lovely apology letter from the deputy chief constable which noted that the officer concerned had been issued with a verbal warning which would stay on his personal file for 5 years but unfortunately my points were to stand.

    So....moral of my story is if you have broken the law then take the punishment - but while you are getting your ticket the officer of the law needs to be polite and not aggressive.
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  22. hades-

    hades- Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    if I told you lot mine you would never type at me again

    ( not guilty )
  23. Statler

    Statler Old enough to know better

    So, 16 years ago, picture the scene...

    Mid afternoon, on the M2 around Antrim, heading into Belfast in my recently acquired Calibra 16v, outside lane, lights on, clear road, giving it a few beans but slowing under a bridge, taking a lot of care and minding my own business, imagine my surprise to see some blue flashing lights a long way back in my rear mirror....

    It's that point, you know the one, sinking feeling in the gut, requirement for a new set of boxers and the 'oh ****, you stupid eejit' moment.

    I pulled over and stopped before the car caught me, hands up, guilty. Despite this, I got to see the 112.5mph on the gun. It seems the half was important...
    Anyway, rolled over, owned up, the Officer was reasonable and pointed out the error of my ways and informed me the I would definitely be seeing M'lud in the near future.

    So, that was the easy bit, now to head home and explain to my better half what I'd done....

    Needed my licence for work so organised a reasonably good Solictor, who was ill on my Court day, great... This Barrister steps in and gets a grasp of the situation. I'd sold the Calibra on, taken up my responsibilities as a Father and bought a land Rover Discovery in the meantime, but I didn't hold out much hope now, but he turned out to be rather good with M'lud.

    Anyway, drunks in front of me, drunks behind, stuck in the middle with me... Turns out that M'lud hated drunks and took a lenient turn when I got in, 5 point, £125 fine and kept my licence. Took a severe ticking off though.

    Anyway, 16 years later and the licence is still clean, but I learnt a very vaulable lesson about speed that day, it's for roads the Police don't use....

    Keep it between the hedges!
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  24. Oranoco

    Oranoco Well-Known Member

    One SP30 (3 points and £30 fine then) at the age of 19 back in 1996 then a squeeky clean history up to 2012 where I promptly screwed it up big time. Messing about with a friend in his Clio Cup 200, we joined the motorway to find it desserted, lined up, dropped a cog and went for it. Unfortunately a traffic car was coming up the slip road as we went over the top and followed us back down again. To cut to the chase we were both prosecuted for 128mph and it was mentioned in court that we were driving in convoy. End result was I was lumped with a 56 day ban and £400 fine, my mate went to court on the day I got my licence back and got a 28 day ban and £300 fine.

    Am I a better driver now? Hell no, I seem to spend more time looking at the speedo and worrying about every hedge and bus stop waiting for some yellow **** hole with a hairdryer to jump out at me.

    I attended a speed awareness course earlier this year and made myself very unpopular when they said about the increased insurance premium arrising from a speeding conviction. I pointed out that wasn't completely true as my premium went up by £0 when I got caught in 2012. The look on the course tutors face when she asked what the offence was and I stated an SP50 with a ban. She then proceeded to ask how fast I was going and when I told her the biker on my table lent over and said "fair f*cking play" with a big grin on his face. Even the old dear sat behind me smirked and winked at me.
  25. A4_MaJiK

    A4_MaJiK Azeem

    Approaching a traffic light once on the way out of Leicester at about 2-3am so was anticipating it to turn green (as it normally would) but it stayed red so I came firmly onto the brakes and crossed the white stop line by about a foot with my front wheel. I could of stopped before it if I really wanted to but it would of thrown me forwards and had been uncomfortable as well as cause unnecessary wear (nobody was crossing the road or anything). As I came to a stop I saw a Focus estate police car just to my left hand side parked up in a B&B car park. I thought nothing of it and carried on driving as normal. Saw them pull out after I got 100 yards down the road (after the light had turned green) and decided to pull into the petrol station as I knew the blues and twos were gonna come on sooner or later. I stop at the pump and they stop at the pump behind me almost as if to fill up. I get out and act normal and proceed to fill the car with fuel. The officer steps out from the passenger seat (old guy in his 50s) and puts his hat on (think he was some kind of sergant) and asks me to get step into his vehicle. I tell him I'll finish filling up and paying for the fuel first. He steps back into the police car and waits. I proceed to take my time at this point and enter the rear of the police car after paying for my fuel. "Do you know why we've stopped you young man?" he asks. So I shook my head and just said "No, not really." He then proceeds to explain how he'll be issuing me with an FPN for failure to stop at a stop line or something like that anyway. I tried explaining nobody was crossing and I was simply anticipating the lights etc. He was having none of it though, so he sent me on my way with an FPN (after checking my tyres and scanning over the whole car). I headed over to the police station a couple of days later to provide proof of insurance etc. and told the officer at the desk I'm not going to hand my licence in as I refuse to accept the FPN based on the fact I did actually stop. He then cautions me that he'll have me done for the offence of not producing my licence!? :huh: So I laughed at him and left WITH my licence and documents and headed to another station where the officer (lady this time) asked me about the offence and took note of why I was refusing it and said she'd inform the issuing officer. Heard nothing from it since LOL

    Another time I was headed back from Loughborough on the A6 and I got about 2 miles into Leicester after stopping at 4 traffic lights, out of nowhere blue flashing lights come racing up behind me (traffic cops) so I move out to give away. Turns out they were stopping me. Got into the car and they discussed my car, what I do for a living etc. Apparently they did 110mph all the way from Loughborough and couldn't catch up to me (I certainly didn't see any lights in my rear view until Leicester). Well as they had apparently liked me very much, they weren't gonna hit me with the book and ended up issuing a traffic offence report for 43-49mph in a 40...I refused the FPN I received through the post and went to court where I pleaded guilty and took 3 points and a £260 fine.

    When I'm on the bike however I laugh as I go past them...:nyah:
  26. Randomage

    Randomage Member Supporter

    Been done speeding once, been stopped once. Speeding was 1 month after I got my first car at 19 - a 1l polo! caught doing 84 in a 70, one speed awareness course later (they mustve been impressed such a pathetic car could manage that speed or something) and never been caught since ;) got stopped by a marked car for pulling out of a junction 'too quickly' in a 30 zone a few years back - I'd seen a car approaching, judged the gap to be big enough and the road clear ahead, and gunned it a bit to prevent them having to touch the brakes to accomodate me. Only realised it was a copper when they pulled up behind me at the next set of lights! Followed me to where I was going, blues on, let me park and 'had a chat'. Nothing came of it, figure they were just out to scare me...
  27. beemerboy9

    beemerboy9 Active Member

    Great thread!

    Driving up the M1 in lane 3 in a 70mph convoy. A Mondeo undertakes in lane 2 and moves into lane 3 causing me to apply the brakes lightly in order to maintain a safe gap.
    I turn on the main beams to express my displeasure at the this poor standard of driving .. and turn them off again when the driver displays blue flashing lights on the rear parcel shelf.

    We continue on our way. There is a moral in this story somewhere :)
  28. A3_Rider

    A3_Rider Well-Known Member

    Some of you guys are right rebels, seriously!:haudrauf:

    Mine is a bit comical; At the traffic lights and I'm eager to try LC, had no idea a cop car was one car behind me fully marked and visible. Friend was next to him in his own car and told me as soon as I footed it his reaction was like "wtf!?". He stays back (probably filming it) waiting for me to do something else I reckon, I don't know what speed I went to but it wasn't above 60 and I slowed to 30 all within 8-10 seconds.

    About 1/5 mile he then decides to stop me, in the back I go and he says "you're under arrest for dangerous driving". I'm like "What, how". Then he says "do you want to go to court or just get a ticket, if you go to court the judge will watch the video on you". At this point I figured he was scaring me so that court wouldn't seem viable, I don't think he actually had video of me because he was a car behind and waited before pulling me. Then tries the whole you could have killed a pedestrian talk, tbh he had no wisdom at all despite trying to give advice, he then went deep on checking my background and insurance over the radio, even asking if the DOB on the insurance is same as mine - vicious git!

    First time ever being stopped and getting a ticket was the best option I just wanted it to be over.

    Since then, I never do traffic light grand prix's lol.

    Also since then been pulled twice, first time was like pulled, cop looks at me with a flash light then goes back in his car and speeds off.

    Second time they used two unmarked cars, three marked cars and boxed me in (one of the cars boxed me in booting it from the wrong side of the road). I think the only thing missing was a helicopter, turns out the youngest (and dumbest) cop alerted them all because I went round once, I asked the main guy why didn't he just check through the plate that I've lived in the area for 10+ years and the car isn't stolen, que a few seconds of the main guy thinking and showing on his face "coz the cop who informed us is a dumb ****", he says it was just a precaution. Amazing, if they just checked my details through the plate nothing would have happened.

    Not all bad though, on another experience I overtook someone as the car behind kept trailing right up my butt. Car behind goes through red, I just stop, look to my right of who I overtook; "oh fek" my face was like the ending in Snatch when the shot gun goes off. I explained to the officer I was just going past so he would leave me alone and as he saw, I dropped back to 30 and didn't race or pass the lights. He tuts and drives on, boy did I nearly cry lol
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  29. joinerman

    joinerman Well-Known Member

    Many years ago now about 1970 i had a nearly new Capri 3000E, a quick motor then, i was going out of Epsom up towards the race course at Tattenham corner, just as i was going out of Epsom my then girlfriend now wife started an argument & wound me right up, out of a side road on my left a bloke pulled right out in front of me, had to brake damn hard, girl has now wound me up & i drop a couple of cogs & roar past this bloke horn blasting & hand signals, soon up to about 80 -85 & girls gone quiet, roared over the brow of a hill & there blocking the road was a whole army of police cars, lights going the lot, i come to a stop & the door is yanked open & I'm dragged out & bent backwards on the bonnet, my **** is twitching a bit by now, Now what's all this about ? the copper says, told him the girl had wound me up & the chap pulling out on me, not your night is it he said, the driver was an off duty copper who'd radioed ahead, after a chat with my girlfriend who corroborated my story she got a right bollocking & the coppers took pity on me i think, now ****** off & slow down they said, boy was i relieved. girl didn't speak for about two days.
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  30. P40ULW

    P40ULW single and skint? how? oh cars!!!

    short story, i can go more in depth if needed.

    caught at an average of 99MPH on the M5 North bound, I had only just left exeter services and got pulled 2 miles later. I still don't believe the officers speed tracker was calibrated! ggggrrrr to be fair both officers were pretty sound and more interested in my Bright temper orange 350Z and my destination (grune holle) :)

    i still cant believe i got caught speeding en route to the ring FFS!
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  31. Phil-1

    Phil-1 Well-Known Member Regional Rep

    Not really an offence on my behalf but still very funny

    A couple of years ago I was driving home after working a night shift, so it was about 2-3am. A BWM had been on my bumper for the past 3 miles as it was a narrow country road. As we approached some temporary road work lights they changed to Red, these lights were only 10 metres long. I slowed down hoping they would change to green when the BMW flew past me and through the red light, then a Volvo did the same. I flashed my lights at them, then the Volvo lit up like Christmas tree, it was an unmarked police car, how I laughed as I drove past
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  32. LEE69

    LEE69 07 170 DSG

    many moon ago (14 years ish) Went to Taunton from Exmouth.On the return journey i thought i would open the old girl up, was hitting 12.5 mph in places, then my heart sank as i saw some blue lights on an unmarked car, they pulled along side and wagged their finger, used the slow down sign, and then sped off.One damn lucky person.
  33. Avatar


  34. smurfworth

    smurfworth Well-Known Member

    Don't get pulled over as much as i used to, used to be a weekly thing being 18 with a 1.8T a few years ago when there wasn't many owned by young people.

    However i was accused of wheel spinning in the S3 a week or so after i bought it, I smugly offered the officer a £50 bet that i couldn't spin it even if i tried as its a Quattro.

    He then sheepishly told me how he has a fast car, a diesel beemer.. nice one, and how i should be careful as i have a fast car which we all know thats the reason you buy an S3! :D
  35. mjr901

    mjr901 Guest

    Had an encounter with a lime green Focus RS tonight.

    Didn't go particularly well to be honest.

    I was expecting to pull away in the gears, what with the DSG and being stage 2, I didn't, I edged ever so slightly back over time.....felt like slow motion, so not much in it in reality...but nevertheless, a loss.

    So that led me to believe immediately this car was not standard either....must have been at least stage 1

    Then obviously the rozzers made an appearance, 5 mins in an Astra after the blues arrived and they kissed me goodbye after making various assumptions i was racing....and no matter how much they grilled me I wasn't admitting to anything.....

    Blue lights were pretty though...just incase anyone thinks i didnt learn anything.... :lick:

    and to top it off - the RS was a female driver. Sexist yes, again sorry, but ego damaged.

    (dead of the night might I add - yes still doesn't make it right and for all those bible bashers out there - i'm sorry....)

    Off to bury my head in the sand + look for something quicker out of the box than an 8P S3, its gotta go.
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  36. Brennan

    Brennan Former Audi Driver

    Literally laughed reading that ^^
  37. Spacemonkey

    Spacemonkey Active Member

    Over my years I have accumulated far too many points, but only banned once when 18 for 6 months due to topping up to 14 at one time. Never drink drive or anything remotely dangerous bar speeding and that's open to debate. Time and place and all that.. anyway, some nuggets:

    17 and riding along on my first bike jumping speedhumps on a 125 Honda dirt bike (XL125RF yeehaw!). Plod (pre yellowcoat era) jumps out in the middle of the road and blinds me with a torch in the eyes. Not knowing he's plod but (correctly) thinking he was a tosser, I head straight at him, until I see the reflective race flag on his hat. Get a lecture about speding to which I reply that I wasn't speeding (correct! I wasn't..) but merely in a low gear and revving a lot. Got let off as he couldn't prove it.

    Driving along a 30 road in Boringmouth doing 37 on the way to work as I'm late. 24 in a Porsche 944 (impressive in it's day) and the Yellowcoat with the hairdryer steps out hoping I'll not run him over. Being a nice sort, I comply. Get the usual lecture which included 'A lad died speeding along here last week' to which I replied that I did as I had done his postmortem. And that it was diesel on the road that killed him as it caused a skid and he was only very slightly over the limit... Ah well, another 3 points..

    Porking down the Queens Highway looking like a streak of bacon on a 125 TZR shitheap to work in the Surrey hills and get a tug. Yellowcoat on his bike asks me if this is my 'mean machine' to which I reply that unfortunately it was at the time. he takes pity and we talk bikes. Then he asks when I had done my test... to which I sheepishly replied I hadn't yet. And then a few more points for lack of Lizard Plates...

    Said bike got stolen which was unbelievable as it was a complete dingo's breakfast from outside my mum's gaff after a day spent running in a new piston. Grabbed a mate and 'interrogated' a couple of local scumbags who duly co-operated and told me who had my bike and where to find it. Found it behind his garage and called the Fuzz. Sadly, they couldn't do anything, but I got a nice day out with SOCO as an attachment a few weeks later out of it after chatting up the SOCO bird who printed it. Later the Old Bill said they knew he was a major scumbag but they could never pin anything on him but 'wouldn't investigate much if anything happened to him or his property' and just top prove that most coppers are decent peeps doing their job, they were true to their word- nobody asked much when this scumbag's pride and joy Fiesta returned to oxides of it's natural elements a little while later.

    Riding my Ducati in London 'making reasonable progress' and aiming for pedestrians dawdling across the road- there's nothing like a noisy V Twin increasing it's revs aiming at them to motivate them into moving faster. Got stopped by Mr Rozzer and get the whole lecture about he's the one who has to scrape me up etc etc' to which I reply that he ISN'T and I am the one who actually does that then has to put them together again and that his lot are normally around the corner filling in their compensation forms for seeing horrible things and the next 6 months off on jollies. Then politely to to bog of or something like that.

    Back to the original story- so, many moons later, flying along enjoying the view from my 328 BMW Cab back from Gloucester to Swindon- a road MADE for speeding if ever there was one- and I notice a fellow Bring Mich Werkstatt driver hammering along behind me on a mission and a half. So I finish my overtaking manoeuvre and pull over to let him pass, being considerate an'all. As he pulls alongside, he matches my speed and ai notice the two guys in the body armour. And duly wave and head a for a layby for a chat. One get's out of his car and comes on over. 'Do you know why we pulled you over?' 'Is it 'cos I is black??' (which I'm not) He laughs and I suggest that maybe it was because I was going a little fast which get's me the winning points. So he invites me to get in the back of his car to which I comply but add that my mum told me to never get into cars of strange men. He says that as they clocked me slowing down to 96mph I can have a ticket or a court appearance. I opt for the ticket.. As we go through the motions he asks me if I was White English, to which I replied Welsh, but he said you couldn't be Welsh on the form. I asked if this was Welshist to which he laughed and agreed being a sheep shagger himself. We had a good laugh then started talking cars and how fats and impressive their 330d was. The driver said it easily outruns their Scooby but I did suggest we shouldn;t really be discussing fast cars while they write me a speeding ticket. Good lads, and I met them again on unmarked duty a few months later. Me and a mate lived in flats above our funeral director (his work, my customer) office which has a 'no right turn' coming out of it's road. He pulls out in the works van (private ambulance) and unmarked stops him straight away. They know him and recognise me and simply say that there is no way we did not know is was a NRT and don't do it in front if him again... Same mate was riding his Aprilla RX450 (IIRC??) supermoto. On the back wheel. Through a traffic jam. IN the rain at silly speed. When he pulls in for home an unmarked stops and asks him to step in his car and watch a video of him. He declines, but the guy insists, stating it's very entertaining. So there he is in the traffic and a nutter rides by on the back wheel at speed. Mate is totally nicked... but then the plod get's a call on the radio and has to go. He says my mate is one lucky SOB and better not do it again... He promptly sells the bike..

    And no points since 2010 which means I must have a clean license again!!
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  38. Imola-S3

    Imola-S3 Active Member

    I would've contested that one... definitely would've let it go to court. I mean... what else are they going to do? They could've give you more of a fine than that for going 34mph in a 30mph zone.

    That's the most pathetic fine I've ever seen issued in my life. I feel gutted for you that you got 3 points for that.

    Anyway.... my RUN IN'S in the past have been.... (cos there's been more than one!)

    1. About 8 months after passing my test and I've got a 2.5 V6 Mondeo with drilled airbox and middle exhaust silencer box removed. Sounded awesome. I'm driving down a single lane 60mph limit road on the way to Sainsbury's, about 8pm in September so it's dark. Got a fool in front of me who doesn't intend on going over 40mph on this 60 road, so I put the foot down and comfortably over took him (only getting up to the speed limit of 60mph!). Anyway, pulls in to Sainsbury's which is basically a roundabout then on a road that runs parallel to the one I'd just been driving down... and there's a row of modified cars parked up near the front of the car park. I passed by them and carried on towards the actual shop. That was when a copper literally jumped out of a bush and stopped me. Started talking to me like sh!te suggesting I'd just been blasting my car at 100mph+ (I told him I'd not exceeded the speed limit) to which I was accused of lying. He continued to threaten me, saying if he catches me again he'll take my license etc. A proper KNOB. This copper had no recording equipment.. he based my speed on the fact that the engine had a good roar to it when accelerating, truly unfair policing if you ask me. He also suggested I was there to 'sit with the other idiots' who were parked in the car park. Anyway... he did a details check and somehow managed to get a note put on my drivers file regarding 'anti-social driving'.

    2. This time I was still in the Mondeo, broad daylight... just left a 70 road, dropping in to a 50, 100 yards later it dropped to a 40, then another 100 yards it was in to a 30. I wasn't familiar with the roads since this was up North in Durham. I'd literally JUST entered this 30 zone but hadn't begun slowing down... and you've guessed it. One of them vans with the tosser sat inside it were just around the bend. I was recorded at 41mph.
    Anyway, with me being from Doncaster I sent them a letter when I'd gotten my points through, stating that I don't know the area, that I intended on joining the police force and needed to keep my record clean etc. Got offered a driver awareness course for £90 and no points.
    Lesson learned there was that I should slow down before the sign, not once I've passed it.

    3. Next time I got pulled it was a couple years after I'd sold the Mondeo. This time I'm driving my sorely missed Audi A4 B6 1.8T Quattro Sport with factory GMBH kit and RS4 wheels (gorgeous motor). I was driving down a 30mph dual carriageway... anyway, a Corsa was literally doing 20mph on the overtaking lane. I was in a bit of a ****** off mood that day, can't remember why.. but anyway... I put my foot down and undertook them, speed hitting around 50-60mph before backing right off and going down to 30mph again.
    I looked in my rear view mirror and what's behind me.... an unmarked Skoda Octavia VRS with plenty of blue flashing at me.
    I pulled over to the side of the road and he asked me if the car was mine, what I did for work, why I was 90 miles from home at the time. I told him I was up visiting my missus and son and I worked in Doncaster. I admitted to my stupidity, and based on the fact that my missus / son lived up north and I worked 90 miles away he made a point of saying 'So, you sort of need this car then don't you?'.

    I agreed whole heartedly... he did a check on me and found that I'd been pulled previously for 'Anti-Social' driving.. to which I replied to him - officer, the guy who pulled me up previously was unprofessional in his approach, possessed no recording equipment whatsoever and based his judgement on how loud my car sound. He explained what would happen if I did something along similar lines to this again and let me go without taking any further action. As he turned away I politely stopped him and said 'Thank you for your decency in how you handled me there'.

    So... since then I've been much more careful with my driving. I won't exceed the limits in areas which I shouldn't... although I do occasionally give the car a bit of welly when it's just me out and it's a quieter road or one with good visibility all round. No more silly 60's in 30's when getting impatient with other drivers.
  39. cav1

    cav1 Member

    My Worst was back in 2000 in my trusty Vauxhall Calibra

    Me and a friend drove to Poland, 1400 miles each way in a Vauxhall calibra and a Fiat Coupe 20v.

    We set off to drive down to Dover to get the Seacat and it was an early morning crossing. We where on the M20 at around 3am, not seen another car for around 20 minutes so we started playing, as you do. We drove at higher speed than we should for a few miles and then started to come back to normal motorway speeds - fuel was an issue, remember the fuel shortage/strikes - when all the motorway lit up behind us. white/blue/white/blue sh1t!
    The Fiat was at the back and started to pull over. The Police car, T5 estate, carried on past him and along side me. Thinking he was doing us both I looked over, the passenger waved to me and sped off!
    I think that was his warning - "ok its quiet, but calm down lads"

    Finally got into Poland. Around 21/22 hours later (from T5 incident) we where passing through a city and trapped behind a lorry where the speed limit was 30kph. after driving behind it for a couple of miles the Fiat (in the lead) decided to overtake so the 2 of us shot by at around 60mph........, in a no overtaking zone..................., over a pedestrian crossing :(

    20 minutes later we where still in the back on a police van, sat on the wooden bench getting a bollocking in Polish by 3 angry Police officers. Finally allowed to leave, after paying our fines (which was "open your wallets lads") we continued our journey.

    We arrived at our destination and had a couple of hours kip. Around 5pm, on a drive to Krakow, we made a wrong turn. the Fiat put his foot down to get to the next turning point..... and promptly got zapped with a speeding gun! Lucky really because he'd spotted his turning point in a few more meters and had his hand on the handbrake ready.

    After that, we decided we'd better drive a bit more sensibly as the fines where costing us too much lol.
    Besides there was drinking to be done......
  40. JudderMan

    JudderMan Well-Known Member

    When I had my last mk2 Escort, I bought classic insurance and chose a company that let you drive any other car third party as it was always in bits and my bro had two cars at the time so I could borrow his at any time. This was when I was 20-21 and even though the insurance company confirmed on the phone that I was allowed to drive any other car, the small print said under 25s weren't allowed this privilege - even though it was the only reason I went with the company at the time = 6 points and a £100 fine.

    That same week, 3 points for speeding in works van - an impossible job to do without going over the speed limit as we had time limits to be at different sites within a 2 hour time-frame. Basically you had to average 60mph (I worked it out), which is pretty difficult. 89mph in a 70mph zone, 3 points and no fine.

    Sat with 9 points for 3 years, gained 4 years NCB, then left the country for 4 years and lost the NCBs as they only last 3 years! Grr. Slowly building it up now, at 31 I'm paying a grand for my A4. Disgusting. Totally hate insurance companies.

    No other offences since or before then.
  41. AlexGSi2000

    AlexGSi2000 Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    I got done a few weeks ago whilst on my bike :(

    Was a case of bad luck, was less than a mile from the unit where I keep my bike and had been out for around 5 hours before hand around North Wales / Cheshire.
    By the time I was heading back it had gone dark so I was taking it easy, the last leg of the journey involves a few dual-carriageways so was sat comfortably at the speed limit.

    The final dual-carriageway has a few sets of traffic lights and is lit all the way, I get to the final set of lights where I know there are no cross-roads/junctions until the next set of lights which are around half a mile distance away - its 10.30pm, no other cars behind or in-front so I thought that now was my chance to open the taps for the final time on the ride until I could get out again in a week or so's time.
    I didn't nail it, just got to around 12,000rpm in 2nd then rolled off as I was going over the crest of the road approaching the next set of traffic lights.

    As I'm getting to the lights I notice a copper in high-vis walk into the dual carriageway and signals me to stop - fantastic.
    There were two coppers on bikes sat in a bus-stop after the lights - one armed with a speed gun (no lights on & couldn't see them over the crest as the traffic lights have been changed to xenon or something (unnecessarily bright)

    Got the whole spiel about being a new inexperienced rider.etc, crossroads (even though there weren't any) and how my observations were rubbish as I hadn't seen them.
    They got me for 62mph going over the crest in a 40mph limit.
    I just agreed, suck up and was polite instead of correcting them about the crossroads and the fact they had not lights on. (it has got me out of trouble in the past)
    Still awaiting the letter containing my penalty!
  42. Crazyfool

    Crazyfool Lead boot

    I normally cut along the a Cardiff City Hall road, then enter the main road at the police station. But it was Christmas time and the City Hall road was closed for all the show rides. Anyhow because of the closure I had to get onto the main road earlier.

    Turn left at the lights and start overtaking cars as I go along the castle. The next thing I know, there's a policeman standing in the middle of the three lanes just beyond the back of the station, signalling me to pull in.

    Sat in the back of one of the panda cars I'm read my rights, then the policeman shows me the gun after asking me what the speed limit of the road was. Apparently I was doing 42mph and still accelerating on the 30 mph road. I acknowledged the errors of my way and listened to my doom. The next thing I hear is my wife and friend in my car almost in unison shout f@@@@@@ h&&&, look at him!

    The policeman with the gun popped his head through the window and says 'let him off with a warning.' Apparently someone in a Saab passed us at an even faster speed! Got my final roasting and was theft to go on my way.
  43. A5craig

    A5craig Member

    Iv had a few scrapes with the five o on one occasion I'd had my cavalier Gsi in for work on the injection system later in the day was on m6 when a vectra v6 came past me so I jump in 3rd lane behind him and off we go in short I pushed him out the way as he couldn't go any faster as I get past and the vectra starts turning into a dot it lights up like a Xmas tree oo oh start to head for hard shoulder too my surprise car goes past meand carries on I thought he got me on video and wait for summons was a tense wait but nothing arrived phew Same car gorgeous cavalier Gsi got pulled in a 30 by an unmarked Astra was probably doing 45 as I went by them and lights flash me was a bloke and a woman the woman wanted to send me to hell I think but the bloke was too busy admiring my car asking was it a kit or real etc was blown away that such a young lad had such a nice car asked how much to insure I said just short of 3 grand he was blown away until I said yes and that's 3rd party haha. Anyways he was a good one asked if I had points I said no,so he asked did I want any I said upto you boss he said off you go but keep your speed down so of course I did well until they we're out of view was late before so even later now

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