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young rider on 50cc scooters

Turkster Dec 26, 2019

  1. Turkster

    Turkster W.Bro.Paul 2.0d Q5 Quattro

    Hi Guys

    Today, lunchtime, I'm doing a 3 point turn in my Q5 outside my home on a run through road, I live 70 meters up the road from a bend, So I'm very careful about doing this moreover, windows open, Radio off, Looking left and right at all times,

    when some 17 years old comes whizzing round the bend at clearly over 30 mph whilst I'm in mid-swing of moving backward to clear the way of the bike, the biker has to hit his brakes hard as the gap in front of me is somewhat tight, but if going at the correct speed, passable, any sensible biker would have stopped for safety reasons, Hazzard perception etc,

    But no, **** wants to zip in front of me and give me the dirty look and ****** sign, which i felt was not deserved, so ive horned him in return, and then he's decided to stop and give it the big one,

    Now if any of you have ever meet me, you know clearly, I'm not easily upset and I'm not really the guy you want to be baited for a scrap, I love a good scrap at the best of times, but I've run out of fucks to give,

    so I decided being Christmas, to interview this chap and ask him to assess the situation like 2 gentlemen at the side of the road, I was not rude, shouting or anything that was threatening in any way shape or form, but this guy clearly was up his own ****, he gets off his scooter and fist bashes my mirror downwards, gets on his big and decided to just ride off,

    Me not knowing if my cars now been damaged or not, I pursue him for his details, that is hit and run as far as I'm now concerned,

    He's now riding in front of me, all *****, leaving the area, giving me the hand signs, giving it large, So I follow him, out of the area, into the countryside where he now heads for a local village, me, still following him, calmly, shouting out my drivers window that I want his details,

    We get to the village where he stops, gets off his scooter, not looking so cocksure about himself, as he knows he's ****** up, his tried to put his scooter onto its side stand 3 times now, but the thing has fallen over 3 times, he's getting very unstable and is fishing for something in his pockets spouting more abuse,

    So before the nobber can do any more damage to my car, or me get out and end up getting nicked for bashing him to bits, I cleared off,

    Now, looking on google for advice on what to do next, there really is no advice on this one, as it always seems that the police take the side of the bikers V's and experienced 25 years driver,

    your views please ?
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  3. A4B9

    A4B9 Well-Known Member

    Should have knocked the **** out tbh
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  4. DTM Tom

    DTM Tom New Member

    Take the polices new tactic on 'removing' the youth from his steed.

    Seriously though, he was obviously in the wrong and very blatantly rude about doing so, you know his reg and just put a word in at the local station. At least then it'll be on file if anything ever comes from it, or he gets pulled up in future
  5. Raiden

    Raiden Well-Known Member

    If the police question you I would take this guy’s advice. A couple of his vids have helped me out.

    At 2 mins 55 there’s advice on what to do if police interview you. Just keep quiet and write a statement

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  6. Alistair D

    Alistair D Hey GOOOOD looking

    I take it nothing on dash cam?
    I totally understand your frustration but you went to a lot of effort following this guy, what did you think was going to happen when you caught up with him? did you really expect he would be civil ?
    It's just the attitudes of some people that they don't give two f***s about anybodies property and are always going to go on the defensive / aggressive, perhaps when it happened would have been the time to be more forceful and get the upper hand.
    Bike probably not registered or insured anyway.
  7. Bryant1998

    Bryant1998 Well-Known Member

    Moretime people giving the aggression from their moving vehicle wont back it when it comes to it... typical k**bhead knowing he’s in the wrong, but thinks there’s nobody’s bigger or harder on the road to make him accountable, very sadly mistaken from your original post lol
  8. Goner

    Goner Guest

    Should have chinned the little *******, that would give him a wake up call.
  9. Paulbean

    Paulbean Member

    I'd have waited until he finally got the bike on the stand, kicked it over and then drove off! ;):D
  10. Turkster

    Turkster W.Bro.Paul 2.0d Q5 Quattro

    Well, a little update,

    some time has passed us all and I'm not one to forget things, So one dark windy night, I was passing through the village area where the idiot was last seen, and there it was the said scooter, left unattended, now this being a public forum and me not wanting to say too much about it, let me put it this way, somebody left a can of pink gloss on his seat with the lid off, upside down, which I can only but imagine, would make a ****** big mess when lifted off the seat by its owner,
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  11. b2

    b2 Active Member

    A 50cc scooter is no match for an Audi Q5 especially down them country lanes, you know what you should have done lad.
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  13. Ricky Burrows

    Ricky Burrows Well-Known Member

    Should of put him in the boot calmly of course no shouting all gentleman like then took him to a secluded area and stripped his clothes off him and leave him to find his own way home....of course though this is just something I've heard about i have no experience in this kind of behaviour or condone it for that matter :smirk:

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