Yet More Issues with the Cab :s


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Dec 7, 2008
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And again......
More issues coming up on my cab :9
gettin fed up with this car,
cant go a couple months without anything....

occasionaly im getting the "brakes (!)" red warning on the DIS and the car and skid symbol in orange popping up.
turn car off, and on again and one will stop, off and on again and they both go and its ok again for a little while.

ive also had a brake pad warning light come on once, but the others have come one several times now.

whats the brakes ! and car skid symbol relate too ??
Alsom on one occasion the speedo also stopped working. ?? :think:
Brakes! Fault in braking system.
Skid symbol = traction control off when lit.
You need to get diagnostic/VCDS done as you'll have fault codes logged.
Does the ABS light come on? I had exactly the same things coming up on my cab but I had the ABS light on aswell. It turned out to be faulty steering angle sensor but that was my case. As Paul said, get it checked with VCDS.
No, the ABS light doesnt come one.
Why would the speedo stop working one time too then if its something to do with the brakes?
also, this monring i stopped for fuel, on the way out of the petrol station i turned my lights on and thats when the Skid symbol and the brake warning came up.
could the fault be anything to do with the HID kit on the lights??
It is possible, may be some interference from ballasts. Try unplug them and put normal bulbs and run it for a while see if that helps.
My A4 had an aftermarket hid kit installed by the P.O. which sometimes used to put the warning lights on the dash unless I waited 30+ seconds after starting the engine.

I had some genuine B5 S4 Hid lights in shed so I dissected them and transplanted the D2S bulb and oem ballast into my B6 headlights and viola, no more light warnings.
I have HID kits installed and thought that my problem was the HIDs, but it turned out to be something completely different but I heard that sometimes they can cause some lights on dash.