Yet another RS3 ordered! Cant wait!


Hello all!

Ive been looking at one of these since they come out this year. I could not have a test drive though as the oil pump or something went on the RS3's.

Ive been looking at the S5 more than anything and even got 8.5k off one! but after trying the RS3 it really made my mind up.

So i went today just for a "test" drive since I've looked at the CLA 45 AMG Sunday and i must say its crap compared the the Audi. But while on the drive today i loved every minute and loved the launch control even more! Come back inside to "look" at figures then ordered one!

I need to wait till April for it though :(

Ive gone for:
Nardo grey
Grey super sport seats / Black head lining
Comfort and sound package
Privacy glass
Non smoking package
Advanced key
Wider tyres at the front with black alloys
Red calipers
High gloss styling package
Tyre / GAP / Smart protect insurance
Paint protection

Maybe not to everyones taste but thats why we can build our own ones.

Love to hear from every else who has one or who has ordered one.

Thanks for looking.


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April :( ouch! from what Ive seen it will be worth the wait tho :)
Like Nardo grey too


Well I got told if I leave it a week and if all the slots went I would have to wait till September!!

Thanks for the comments and welcome, sure I'll love it.