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Yet another MAF question

owdgit Aug 18, 2006

  1. owdgit

    owdgit Member

    I have just replaced the MAF on my 2001 Tiptronic 2.5V6 A6.
    I can not beleive the difference, its great, the traction light even flashes on now and it has never done that before.
    The only thing I have noticed is that when you accelerate hard there is a fair amount of diesel smoke from the exhaust, it is only on when you first accelerate and doesn't continue for long.
    The question is, is this fairly normal?
  2. fjtwelve

    fjtwelve Moderator Moderator

    Given that you are probably,shall we say, making the most of your new found oomph, its probably just the unburnt fuel injected when you are putting your foot down hard. One of the comments i got after chipping was how mine did NOT smoke anymore. Things that will contribute to excess smoke are dirty air filter, N75 not working properly, EGR clogged up, cheap diesel, after that you're into VAGCOM checks.

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