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Yep tyres are an issue!

Roxman87 Sep 13, 2019

  1. Roxman87

    Roxman87 New Member

    Got a puncture the other day managed to get it sorted and this was the result, not sure if my tyre pressure was the reason as ive only have it at 28/30psi when it should be 39 on the front and 35 on the rear, anyway I’m going to call into Audi and show them the pictures but I’m guessing I’ll get the same response as everyone else! ECEB4993-4B25-4622-8F8C-B67DD124BBDD.jpeg
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  3. Slowracer

    Slowracer Active Member

    The pirellis are prone to this type of wear due to the shape of the tyre and the high caster angles in the car. Assuming that your alignment isn’t out You can prolong the tire life by running max pressures. However you have accelerated the wear due to low pressure.

    Your pressure settings were way to low for ultra low profile tyre.
  4. Rugslasher

    Rugslasher Member

    Found this on the rear left when I went for new treads the other week

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  5. Hal Adams

    Hal Adams Well-Known Member VCDS Map User Team Nardo Audi RS3 Black Edition

    Being pedantic here - camber...
  6. Slowracer

    Slowracer Active Member

    I probably should have been more specific. The static camber on an rs3 isn’t too aggressive, around -1 to1.5, but it has decent caster which will give you significant dynamic camber, ie. when wheel is turned in a corner.

    This is why I mentioned caster but probably a moot point as the end result is more camber which rides the tyre on the inside edge. Something the pirellis don’t handle well due to their shape.

    At the end of the day the negative camber is not a bad thing but combined with too much toe will scrub the tyres quickly.

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