Yellow airbag connector under seat causing airbag light to come on


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For the past couple of years I have had occasional problems with the connector under my drivers seat causing the airbag light to come on. I have tried using electrical cleaner and switch lubricant which has solved the problem for a few months at a time, but the problem keeps reoccuring.

Anyone any permanent solutions? Can I just cut the connector out and use an electrical block connector instead. I might need a couple with a piece of wire between as the existing connector is quite long.


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Get new connector shells and replace them. Look closely at the connector there should be a part number on the male/female parts.
Tricky bit maybe getting the pins out.
Make sure you disconnect your battery when working on the airbags.

Audi would charge around an hour labour I guess plus parts which I guess would be £10~£20 maybe.
You may want Audi to do the job on this safety item for piece of mind.


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What we did on my mates B5 was to firmly hold the connector together with a zip tie threaded carefully between the wires on each side and then pulled tight. This solved it on his.


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Had the same prob on my B6 saloon, its a common fault. New harness inc fitting was about £85 at the time from memory but its pretty easy to fit yourself though. If it just the connector itself not staying home, then the tiewrap idea does the trick as suggested above :)


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Cable tie worked fine for me

Thanks for the tip. Just noticed that my yellow clip doesn't quite seem to actually 'clip' in anymore and now its quite loose and won't stay down giving me the Air Bag light. Zip tie it is!


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Take it to dealer and all they do is hard wire it together as there are known bulletins for this fault on certain models and that tells the technician to hard wire them but also mentions to do the other seat to? But remember to disconnect the battery if you do decide to do it? You will also require getting the fault code cleared afterwards hope this helps


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I'm after some help please if anyone can advise. I am in the middle of replacing the yellow connector with bullet connectors, however have just discovered that on the seat side of the connector are 2 wires, one blue one black as I expected, on the loom side of the connection are THREE wires - one blue one brown and one white. Can anyone explain? And what am I supposed to do with each wire!? Snapped the old connector too getting it out... not my day.


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Mike, brilliant thank you. So after reading that it seems brown is either ground or an "in seat" airbag, so basically if ive only got the 2 wires in the seat socket but 3 on the loom socket then leave brown out and hook the others up together as they were before, thats how I interpret it anyway. I'll give it a go! i
Will look at what is remaining of socket to try figure out colour to colour. Thanks for help. now likely to be a Saturday job, further comments welcome until then!


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No problem...
Have you broke both front seat connectors? If not, check the unbroken seat wiring for colour to colour.