XS power/Relentless performance 3" dp and exhaust manifold install (pictures heavy)


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So finally had to go home (Lebanon) for christmas and got some time to work on my S3 AMK.
i bought my exhaust manifold from relentless performance in the USA (same company as xspower)
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and my 3" downpipe decat from them too
Audi VW TT S3 Quattro GTi 3" De Cat Downpipe MK1 1.8T | eBay

Must say the fitment isnt easy but that is not due to the parts but to the location and the tight place.
The downpipe fitted perfectly, the holes bolt in just in place, no drama at all.
The mecanic fitted the exhaust manifold without removing the head, we unbolted the engine braquets holder and tilted it a bit so he had a bit of room to fit the exhaust manifold and bolt the nuts.
I must admit that the quality (pictures will show) of the exhaust manifold is super good. The welding is amazingly made and the material looks pretty good.

The car hasent been properly dynoed yet (since i have a fueling problem) but i can feel the power difference and the sound is crispier



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The problem i had before the dyno is that the car is running Lean, afr gauge installed showing pretty much 14-15 all the time.

vag shows no problems, which left me thinking that maybe my fuel pump is getting tired or the maf.

any ideas?


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Bit of a revival, did you fit the downpipe from the top or the bottom? I'm guessing top as it doesn't look like there's much room for the bend to the turbo.



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Bit of a revival, did you fit the downpipe from the top or the bottom? I'm guessing top as it doesn't look like there's much room for the bend to the turbo.


Im not sure if i got your question well...but the downpipe was fitted from bottom of the car upwards to the turbo, where it bolts....


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Very nice buddy and looks much better than stock :) good luck. Cheers


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I keep thinking about getting one of these, nearly every time i visit eBay I type in Downpipe.

Just the installation puts me off lol.

Same goes for coilovers.


i've got this job to look forward to very soon, im going in from the bottom and through the drivers side wheel arch.


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I struggled fitting my downpipe on my garage floor :/ But after taking the subframe off and dropping the rack off the column, it flew up into place! Just dont like how close it sits to the prop!


Watch this space...
nice work by the way mate. mine wasn't too bad. borrowed my mates garage and axle stands overnight... and the results were epic :)


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Answered it perfectly, did you drop the subframe at all?

The subframe have to be dropped. I dont think its doable without dropping it.

It wasnt easy to fit, but that is mainly due to the tight location. Doesnt require special mecanic skills.


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I've done this mode, 3" downpipe and decat, the gain was 5 g/s in MAF reading...
The next it's going to be the exhaust maifold