XPEL Ultimate protection


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Hi folks,

I'm considering getting my bonnet and bumper done with this stuff. Anybody had any experience with it??




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There are two market leaders in PPF. Xpel and Suntek.

I have Suntek, but looked at both before making my decision. The Xpel has a 10 year warranty, and the Suntek 5.

The Xpel has a slight orange peel effect to it, while the Suntek is crystal clear. Price wise, there is no real difference between the two.

I watched my fitter wrap a £1.5M McClaren in Suntek. He said its easier to work with, and much clearer when applied. Ive had mine on a year now, people don't know its there until its pointed out. Still crystal clear.

I had front bumper, full bonnet and front wings done, we well as the rear bumper next to the loading area.

Whatever you choose, the car paint needs to be spotless - and not coated with any paint protection products (the PPF doesn't stick well to any ceramic coatings) and the fitter needs to be experienced and preferably have already completed your model of car previously.

The film needs to be fitted under very clean conditions. Dust of any type is your enemy when fitting PPF.

I paid £1400 for the PPF installation, and that included ceramic paint protection detail on the parts not covered with PPF (roof/doors/cills/rear hatch)