Xpel Ultimate Paint Protection Film

I picked up my new S3 SB (daytona grey) on Friday. I took it to my trusted local detailer (no plugs but PM if you need a top detailer in west of scotland :)) last night to let him have a look and quote for the new car detail. No big issuess with the paint that he could see which was good, although he wasn't impressed that the dealer had dragged the cover over the car at handover.....!

Anyway, it will get a full Gtechniq detail inside and out but I also looked at a beautiful BMW CSL that he had in for the Xpel paint protection film to be added. I honestly could not see it was there apart from the corner of the bonnet - looks quite incredible. I was well impressed and am seriously considering having it done (with the detail on top). My guy is doing the prep on all McLaren new cars in Scotland and they are offering the PPF to all buyers as an option. He is also in discussions with Porsche to install it on their demos. He has a lot of faith in it.

I wondered if anyone else had any experience/comments ?


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I fancy x pel on the full front of the Panther black rs3 when it comes. Seen that ultimate shine is a few hundred meters from Audi Stirling and do it and can g tech the rest with crystal serum going to see them at some point get idea of cost so I can save it up lol
Sounds like a plan spaceman :)
I will probably go for the full front end, mirrors, front edge of roof and lower door panels. Might also do rear bumper if it doesn't add too much to the cost....


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Yea id do the lot if I could think costs would be nuts tho see what they say might get lost I can done and if paint good I'll c1 and exo v2 the rest myself to spent more on xpel
In case it's of interest to others, I disclosed to my insurers (admiral) this morning that I was having the PPF aplied to parts of the car. They will charge me an additional premium of £31 (on top of a basic premium of £290 to put that in perspective) and confirmed that (a) it does count as a modification and (b) replacement of the film will be fully covered if it needs to be removed to fix any damage being sorted under the policy. The cost of the film is going to be between £1200 and £1500.