Xmas shopping for myself Rs4 rep questions


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Looking at the older style Rs4 reps, been offered a set for £300, the only problem is the centre caps don't look as good as the Oem ones. Daft question, will the Audi centre caps fit? Also I was after the original Rs4 alloys, but they keep on coming up kerbed etc. Are the reps that much more heavier? The price above seems OK, I'm using my old tyres from old alloys, I'll sell the alloys on to fund the reps. I'll be popping over to Rochford tyres in Essex as soon as I can find my cash card.

Still in two minds on the later style Rs4 alloys, but I think in silver the older style look better, so if anyone has a silver s3 with the new style alloys fitted, please post a pic :)


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i had original audi centers in my 19" rs4 reps, they do fit but you have to take trimmings off the back to make them fit flush! look alot better tho! you would never know they were copys!


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voorhees said:
lookout for 'cheese' ones,they tend to be more porous than originals so are weaker and buckle easy.
I was told its the chineese reps which are **** soft and the italian ones are ok,as far as reps go.


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I wouldnt use replica wheels myself, i wouldnt fancy any cracking or buckling at 70mph+

At the end of the day you get what you pay for, as with most things.