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Apr 10, 2004
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Anybody noticed when you go down the road and you go over bumps you can see the light on the road wobble as if the headlight is loose??? Is this normal? mines an 07 car i dont remember my 04 car being like this??

i doubt very much they can self-level that fast - if you think of the time it takes for the car to hit a bump and setlte down again its a split second - it seems more of a loose headlamp rather than anything that is intentional. And as i say i had xenons on my last A3 (04 original xenons not xenon-plus) and they were solid over bumps (still were self-leveling as all xenons have to be i think)
It is the self-levelling feature. Mine also does this, and you're right - the system can't self-level quickly enough, so it looks like something's loose. I think the 8P system is a perhaps more sensitive, because my old Focus ST170 didn't do it either.
xenon plus are the new xenons they put on now which have xenon for both dipped and main beam and have daytime running lights where mainbeam used to be in the headlight lens
still seems like something is loose tho!!! think i'll ad it to my 'list' when car goes in for niggles
I had a similar problem in my Mk4 Golf (Halogens), only to find out that the OS headlamp was completely missing a leveller. I still had the white bracket that holds the headlamp in position when boxed up. Just check that you have one in there. If you do it might be a faulty levelling unit or as Benw123 says, it can't level quick enough, which I think is possibility but unlikely .
mine doesn't do this unless i am reversing up the driveway which it then goes up and down

is it moving alot or just a wee bit?
My new 170 Sportback with Xenon-plus headlights does not do it. They go down and then back up to the correct level when they are first turned on but seem OK after that. Just off the road where I live a number a 'speed cushions' and haven't noticed anything going over them.

When I start up the car in the garage with the light switch in the 'auto' position I've noticed that the passenger side xenon does seem to flicker for a minute or so when first turned, but stops by the time I have reversed out of the garage and used the auto close to shut the garge door.. The driver's side doesn't do it at all.
Hi, I have a new S3 with the slightly wobbly lights going over the bumps. Maybe more obvious as the S3 has firm suspension.
One thing that I noticed is lots of drivers are flashing me, maybe they appear too high to on coming drivers.
This has been with only 2 people in the car.

its quite a lot really - id say enough to be annoying to other road users (and more importantly me!) i don't expect this to happen on a £27 grand car!
hey steve don't tell me it is another "feature"... Have to check that on my S3... when they get my plates!!!! 3 weeks at the dealers, unbelievable!!!

no its not cos i won't accept it as 'a feature' i'll see what they say
Mine's 04 TDi double frame, and my xenons does do flicks (as it would be if the lamp is not fully fixed) when the car is moving, of course a little more with bad surfaces, or just because of firm suspension set for Sport configuration.
steve184 said:
xenon plus are the new xenons they put on now which have xenon for both dipped and main beam and have daytime running lights where mainbeam used to be in the headlight lens

Aha I see. That's pretty cool! I hate it when I see my yellows on when I got the xenons on too. Ruins it =/

Im still trying to find white bulbs heh
Mine do it as well, appears like the lamp or reflector is loose, I think it is to do with the self leveling device but not it actually operating, more like play in the linkage, It annoyed me at first but I guess i'm used to it now
My old 8L S3 done this too....... when going over uneven road surfaces it was almost like the xenons were flickering or moving around. Fekin annoying it was and I'd like to think Audi would have sorted that by now (especially for you chaps spending 27K+ on an S3).
well they did cos it didnt do it on my xenon equipped 04 8P and that had auto level adjustment too... opened bonnet last night and tried lightly smacking the top of the light unit and noticed the light stayed rock solid still - so i guess this proves nothing is loose as i would have seen some movement with the vibration - will still be taking it up with audi though as it isn't a 'brilliant' quality feature if u ask me

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