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Dec 25, 2009
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Hi guys, I'm buying a pair of xenon head lights complete.. Are they easy to fit also are they just plug an play ??
theyre not, usually require a new light control unit and a central convenience unit (dependant on your spec) also youll need a set of leveling sensors a rewre and adpater looms, drop nhn a line he hasdone this loads and will do it at a reasonable price for you, is this a set of bixenon or just xenon
Ther just xenon... Does that make a difference lol mines a sports 3 dr 2006 ??
if there just xenons they are plug and play but you will get a bulb failure light on the dash
no i havent.. i duno how to get one or do it lol ??/ helpppp
Hey why not invest in VCDS mate, even doing jobs like this pays for itself very easily, give me a shout if interested.
Its the diagnostic software & cable that allows you to code your car for options, check errors codes, install new modules, etc etc, like what audi use, a very very useful piece of kit that even admitted by complete PC illiterate buyers of mine that it was easy to use & learn.
& how much were your xenons?

how much does audi charge an hour?

You'd be surprised at how quickly it shows its value to you, £244 delivered, job done.
2 - 3 diag sessions and youre already starting to save yourself money, even better when you consider the boxes of beer obtained for giving others a quick check
you need to use the lead to tell the car its fitted with xenon lights or the head lights will flash off & on as the car is expecting a certain resistance & xenons draw less current so the canbus will alter the power to the lights.
If the central electrics module installed allows this yes.
Well without a scan we cant advise, we can only advise of some of the pitfulls of doing these mods, they may just plug straighjt in & be ok, but thats speculative, thats why I advised maybe its prudent to buy vcds or get someone to scan it for you, going to a garage will cost you anyway, so why not invest those readies in the system yourself, so later scans would be no charge & convenience of doing when you like.
An if I got a different.. Would I just buy a different lead an it wud work on that ??
i think she means would a counterfeit lead running on freeware vagcom do the coding required and the answer is we cant guarentee that without seeing the unis firsthand as some of them arent hexcan etc
I dont advise anything to do with fake **** anyway, I always find it funny why people spend so much on mods for there cars then scrimp on the tools to do the job, lunacy in my mind & its nothing to do with being a seller before anyone gets on there high chair & starts dribbling.
no i totally agree with you man, so would my old boy, same reason why he has spent money for a very nice car on a merecedes machine instead, which the diagnostcs and software thats on it is fantastic and just in another league to anything else out there easyily its paid for itself already,learning curve aint too steep either
Yes the audi version leaves alot to be desired tbh after using it a number of times, dealers are locked out of shed loads, thats why I sympathise with them more these days, also why I dont call them stealers anymore.
same they give me 20% off everything usually :) just got my rear bumper cover for 150 spankers

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