Xenon retrofit coding issue


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Hi Guys,

I've recently retrofitted the xenon headlights, followed the threads to a point.

All installed and then come to the coding side, followed instructions again to a point.

The issue is when I go to change my stored number (00001) to accept the xenon headlights (00031) when I click 'DO IT!' it's like VCDS just comes out the window and does nothing, code doesn't change and the dialogue box doesn't come up saying 'coding accepted'.

I have tried this on 2 separate laptops running VCDS with genuine cables and no joy.

The lights come on but a couple of seconds later they go out and i get the message on the centre dash saying right and left dipped lights out. At one point I had the passenger side flash like mad but no warning on centre dash.

Is there anyone who has had a similar issue?

Any help would be great.


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Right I've changed my CECM module to 8E0 907 279 L

It was from an S4 which definitely had Xenon headlights.

I've just had the module installed and coded but now on my DIS I'm getting error codes of front fog light bulbs both left and right are out! But when I switch them on via the light switch they work but the rear fog lights don't work.

Any ideas guys on this issue? I've read in a few places that the wires in the back need grounding or something? Why would this be when they worked before on my other module?

I've also looked up the fault codes but they don't help with anything.

Thanks in advance