xenon lights??


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Looking into fitting xenon lights to my B5 A4 Quattro as the standard lights are hopeless!! I found a company that i can get the wiring from, link below

KUFATEC GmbH & Co. KG - A4 - B5/8D

does anyone have the part numbers for the xenon lights for the B5 A4, as im going to price them up through audi. i know they'll be expensive which means i'll probably try an source them 2nd hand



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Set on eBay - 280731678608


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thanks i'll get in touch with the seller an see what come of it, still wouldn't mind the part no's so i can check audi prices aswell


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If you already have the projector lenses, then why not just buy a hid kit for £30 off ebay. Does the same job, except doesnt have the auto-level function. But every Audi/Car i've owned with the projector lense, I;ve found i've never needed to adjust the height/angle of beam pattern,

Only when fitting hid into a normal lense do they need realignment.