xenon lights??


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As my A4 doesn't have xenon lights (and the standard lights are crap) i've been looking into how to go about fitting them and found this company where i can get the wiring etc

KUFATEC GmbH & Co. KG - A4 - B5/8D

so does anyone know the part numbers for the xenon lights for the B5 A4's?? going to price them up from audi new, probably going to be mega expensive which means i'll try and source a set used



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You dont need any wiring, so long as you buy the xenons that match your age of car.


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Sorry for the thread resurrection but I was searching about and just to be 100% clear I have a 2001 Y plate A4 B5. If I buy a set of facelift xenon headlights from an S4 or RS4 are they basically just plug and play i.e. swap them out. I'm sure that is what Aragorn is saying above but I want to make sure.

Also, if anyone has any xenons for sale please do let me know.


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Why don’t you give EM tuning an email? trups can transform your lights into better than OEM xenons.