Xenon headlight


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Hi all,

I did a search and found a xenon issue posted else where in the forum and replied to that but it was in the 8P section i think. Any way girlfriend has a 64plate 2.0tdi saloon with factory xenons, the passenger bulb keeps going on and off at different times and also doesnt appear to be the same colour as the drivers side. Its a completely factory standard car as its an ex lex autolease, I dont think its in Audi warranty any more with it being 64plate, i see bulbs are about £80 but could it be the ballast? Are they separate or all part of the same unit? Anyone had similar issues, looks like an archliner / front end off job to sort out!



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The ballast is built into the bulb fitting D3s
Your best to change both due colour matching and aesthetics
You'll get a set of two for £120 Osram xenarc night breaker are a great upgrade from the basic oem bulbs