Xenon adjustment issue


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Greetings friends,
I recently purchased an Audi A1 (2011 model).
Headlights r Bi Xenon. I’ve run into a problem, ever since I purchased the car the headlights on right and left side are completely messed up. Left side is extremely low, meanwhile the right sides height is too elevated. I opened the lock and checked the screws (manual adjustment) and they are completely defect. I’m incapable to adjust them, I attempted to for hours on end...
I’m a student with poor economy, and me having to replace the headlights will cost me more than I can afford :-(
The bi xenons are obviously self adjustable whenever I fire up the engine. My buddy that has mediocre suggested vag com(?). I’m considering contacting a VW/Audi dealership. Will they be able to adjust the headlights through vag com?

My night time visibilty is completely jeopardized :-( And I really don’t want to purchase new headlights. Any advice would be appreciated!! gonna add some photos for context (all 4 screws are stripped).
Would a dealership be able to resolve this?
thanks <3


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Whereabouts are you located?