Xbox one gamer tags


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Anybody on xbox one here? If so can I get some gamer tags? Sorry if there is already a post with this on.

ps. Has anyone beaten the bounty hunter #1 time on forza 5 yet?

Alex C

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Gamer tag: Cookstein

Pretty much only play Forza 5 racing multiplayer circuit S800 category

Whats the Bounty Hunter time? Is that a Rival challenge?


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My bros got one i use from time to time. Every one just play forza? Weve got Forza, Fifa 14 and COD:Ghosts if peoeple want to start playing on weekends etc etc


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Gamertag: logz83, have forza, bf4, cod ghosts, killer instinct, dead rising 3, titanfall, fifa 14.

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ReaperCookie707 play bf4 and division until bf1 comes and I'll be on that until I fall into a coma from not sleeping


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Just found this


Bf4 but now bf1 is out that's my go to game. Conquest.


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